09 Feb

“Please God, raise up women and men who love Your Word” in Angola

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Twenty-five million people live in Angola—a country relatively untouched by visitors since the early 1970’s when civil war ravaged its people and infrastructure.

But Angola is recovering, slowly. A new generation is reaching out to the world outside their borders. A 20-something Angolan asked us on Facebook to pray for her nation:

“There is much opportunity to bring the gospel to my troubled country. Please don’t let turmoil turn God’s truth away. Please pray for the proclamation of His Word in the Umbundu language. And join me praying, ‘Please God, raise up women and men who love Your Word, and expand into places where people are hungry to hear. Glorify Your Son through all of it.’”

May God be glorified in our prayers for Angola.

We continue our journey across Africa tomorrow, pausing in Ghana to pray. See you there.

08 Feb

Praying for an unusual African nation

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We travel today on our knees to an unusual African nation—Senegal.

Senegal’s capital city, Dakar, sits on the extreme western tip of the continent, overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Senegal has a stable democratic government and has fostered the rare reputation of being tolerant and accepting of diverse thinking, even in light of its 12 ethnic groups.

Pray today for some of those groups, scattered throughout the country, who don’t have any known believers in Jesus Christ and who may have never heard the gospel.

Intercede also for God’s light to break through the Muslim majority (over 90%)—a well-organized and often aggressive group.

Pray boldly for God’s Word, in print and on the radio, to take hold in the hearts of the Senegalese people.

Tomorrow, we’ll join with what God is doing in another African nation, Angola.

07 Feb

“Am I too bad for God?”

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A common question from people the world over is “am I too wicked for God to save?”

Today we are praying for the people of Ethiopia, and that’s exactly what this listener thought—until …

He writes,

“I was not a good person before I decided to receive my Lord and Savior. But I heard that with God anything is possible! And it’s true. He showed His mercy to me by removing all my rude behavior, beginning with what is in my mind. Now I am a new person with Christ. Your Bible-teaching program helps me to daily update and strengthen my life with Jesus Christ. Thank you.”

Yes, we all need a daily update and strength.

Praise God with this brother in Ethiopia that He transforms our lives to look like His Son, Jesus Christ. Pray that He continues this process in us and in the followers of Christ in Ethiopia.

Tomorrow, we’ll travel on our knees to another African nation, this time on the west coast—the nation of Senegal.

06 Feb

“Back home with Jesus in my heart!”

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“I am from Cape Verde, but I came to Guinea-Bissau last year to work to support my family. Soon I am going back to my home, but now with Jesus Christ in my heart!”

That’s what a brother in Christ from western Africa told us recently. He lives in Cape Verde, a group of islands off the Atlantic coast, but lived temporarily in the tiny nation of Guinea-Bissau (about half the size of South Carolina). Here’s more of his story:

“Since I listened to this program, my life has changed. I used to have two wives, but listening to the Bible informed my heart of right and wrong. God’s Spirit now lives in me and helped me to find the right way. The gospel you teach is different from anything I have heard. The difficult part is I do not know how to hear the Word of God at home? Please help me. I am confident that one day Jesus will take me up to be with Him at His Father’s home … but I don’t want to wait that long to know Him better.”

Isn’t that wise?! Let’s not any of us wait till heaven to know God better! Pray for this brother in Christ and many more like him who long for God and hunger for His Word.

Tomorrow we’ll travel inland on the mighty continent of Africa. Come ready to intercede!

03 Feb

Praying down cultural barriers that keep people from Jesus

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In countries all over the world, cultural barriers keep people from accepting God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As we make our way through parts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, we are interceding for the producer of Thru the Bible’s Navajo program, Thomas Woods.

Intercede for Thomas and the Navajo program. Ask that God will use each broadcast to radiate His mercy, love, and grace in a way that breaks down walls to this distant culture and open hearts to the truth of His Word.

And while we’re at it, let’s boldly ask God to break down cultural barriers all over the world, so that no matter what language p3eople speak or where they live, they will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and respond in faith.

It’s a privilege to pray alongside you. Join us next week as the team heads to Africa.

02 Feb

We’re celebrating new life … join us!

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In 2 Corinthians 5:17, Paul says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Welcome, World Prayer Team! As we travel though the gorgeous province of Quebec today, we celebrate the new life of listeners like this one:

“Be blessed and may God almighty keep you because your teaching has helped and fortified me very much. I am a new person—I gave my heart to God.”

What great news! Let’s pray for those who hear God’s Word today. Specifically ask Him to bring many more of our French-speaking listeners in Canada into a saving relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

And if you’d like to introduce someone you know to our broadcasts, visit us at TTBinMyLanguage.com where Thru the Bible can be heard in more than 96 languages.

Hop aboard with us tomorrow as we pray for Thomas Woods, the producer of our Navajo language broadcasts.

01 Feb

“Our love for the Lord rekindled our love for each other…”

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“For 15 years, my husband and I lived in misery. He was an alcoholic, and we didn’t communicate well at all. Between us there was a lack of respect, infidelity, and no love.”

That’s the beginning of a miraculous letter we recently received from a listener named Manuela in Huntington Beach, CA. She continues:

“But about five years ago I received Jesus into my heart, and one year later, my husband did too. I began to listen to your programs in Spanish and had high hopes for our future. But our problems weren’t immediately solved. In fact, I feel as though God brought us test after test until we gave in and surrendered our hearts.

“Today things are much better. We both rise and listen to the program, pray together, and our communication for the day begins. We feel peace, and our love for our Lord Jesus Christ has rekindled the love and respect that we had lost for each other. I give thanks to you for being the beacon of light that our Heavenly Father is using to illuminate the lives of those who are in darkness. Thank you and many blessings to the whole Thru the Bible team and to all those who pray for your listeners.”

Praise God that He is able to heal our hearts and mend our broken relationships! Today let’s praise Him for the work He is doing in the lives of Manuela and her husband. Ask Him to bless the marriages and families of everyone who listens to Thru the Bible.

Our journey through North America continues tomorrow as we visit the gorgeous province of Quebec, Canada. Join us and invite a friend along for the journey!

31 Jan

“I would like you to know that I am getting the Word out”

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“I have been a serious student of God’s Word and a daily Bible Bus passenger for three five-year runs and am now on my fourth.”

That’s the good news we hear from a listener named Elizabeth in Ontario, Canada, today. She continues:

“I would like you to know that I am getting the Word out, as Dr. McGee always told us as believers to do. I started my first blog in July of this year, which contains some of the choicest fruit from the study. All that I write, I dedicate to the Lord Jesus Christ and, secondly, to the Thru the Bible program. Dr. McGee is like a spiritual grandfather to me. I am a grandmother of one little fellow and mother to five sons. My husband benefits from the program as well. Every day, after work, I share with him great nuggets of truth from the program. We are also financial partners. It is a joy to give the ‘Bible Bus’ way. God bless you all.”

What a joy it is to hear from those who are regularly studying God’s Word. Today let’s pray that more people in Canada will be reached with His truth as we broadcast in English, Low German, Canadian French, and Spanish. May God make himself known to those who truly seek Him.

Our journey through North America continues tomorrow as we intercede for Thru the Bible’s Spanish broadcast, A Través de la Biblia. Join us here.

30 Jan

Encouragement from the team

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Welcome to the United the States. Today we have the pleasure of meeting with a fellow World Prayer Team member named Debbie.

She shares:

“I am handicapped so there is little I can do. But I can pray. I join you every day. God’s 303030blessings to you on this great adventure.”

Isn’t that wonderful encouragement? Today let’s pray that more people will find the hope and trust that Debbie has in Jesus. And let’s pray that no matter where we are or what we are doing we give God our lives to use for His glory.

Do you have something to share? Write to us at BIBLEBUS @TTB.org, and join us tomorrow as we meet with a listener in Ontario, Canada.

27 Jan

Praying for the materially rich and spiritually poor in Taiwan

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With only 6% of the Taiwanese people claiming to believe in Jesus, our work today is abundantly clear.

Prayer team: Let’s bow our heads as we come before the Father asking Him to use Thru the Bible broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese to bring the Word that can change hearts and lives to the culturally progressive island of Taiwan.

Father, we intercede today for Your church in Taiwan. We thank You for the broadcast of Your Word in this materially rich, but spiritually needy land. We pray that You will bring more people into a real and eternal relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. We ask that some of those You call will become leaders of a new generation in the church … people who lead a spiritual awakening throughout the land. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Next week our journey brings us to North America. Join us as we pray for our neighbors and friends.

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