10 Mar

God’s Word overcomes rituals and dark practices in Goa, India

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“I was an ungodly person. I was involved in all rituals and dark practices common to our tradition.”

That’s how one Thru the Bible listener from Goa, India, began his recent letter. Here’s more of what he had to say:

“At that time, there was no television in any of the homes in our small village. Our only means of connection with the outside world was the radio. I had a habit of listening to the radio news every evening after work. One evening, I stumbled on your program. The message immediately pulled me in and compelled me to think about my life and condition. As I tried to sleep that night, I was restless. The entire message replayed in my mind.

“The very next evening, I took my radio and listened to the same program. After listening, I told my wife and children what I had heard. Though the children were very young, I felt the need to share it with them. Ever since then, my wife has joined me in listening. We have both accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

“It has been eight years since we began to hear your messages. We now share the programs with others and some of the families have become believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for our radio, and I thank you for continuing to broadcast His Word. Please do not stop.”

What a wonderful story of how God is using His Word to change lives. Today let’s thank Him for bringing new life to this family in India and ask Him to reach many more as we broadcast Thru the Bible in more than 100 languages and dialects around the world.

Join us next week as we travel to Africa on World Prayer Today.

09 Mar

“I am poor, but the Word of God makes me rich.”

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As our World Prayer Tour continues in India, we stop in Bihar to meet a listener named Madan, who shares this good news:

“My family is from a staunch non-Christian background. But when a friend invited us to listen to Thru the Bible, we were intrigued and accepted his invitation. As we listened over dinner, my life changed. I felt that God was directly talking to me.

“Now my wife and I are regular listeners. Although I cannot read and am poor, the Word of God makes me rich spiritually. When I accepted the Lord’s invitation for eternal life, I began to share the gospel with others. Your programs have been my teacher. In fact, I’ve begun a small church and our numbers are growing. I’m grateful that God can use anyone for His purpose; He sees the inner heart of the man. My prayer is that more people come to the Lord through this ministry.”

Praise God for this pastor and so many others like him. Let’s ask God to bless those who reach out in His name in India and around the world. May His name be glorified and lives changed by the knowledge of His truth.

Our journey through India continues tomorrow in Goa. Join us right here and invite your friends to sign up here at TTB.org/pray. 

08 Mar

Praying for Christians in Afghanistan

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Today’s stop on our world prayer tour brings us to the landlocked country of Afghanistan. Bordered by Islamic strongholds like Pakistan and Iran, it’s no surprise we find only around 2,000 Christians believers in the entire country.

Although publicly the government in Kabul has agreed to uphold the International Charter of Human Rights that guarantees religious freedom, the reality is quite different. Most people still cling tightly to tribal leadership and customs that prohibit evangelism and disown and banish anyone who converts to Christianity.

So today let’s intercede for Thru the Bible’s producers of the Pashto and Arabic language broadcasts. While their names are withheld for safety reasons, let’s ask God to use their ministries to change hearts and minds in Afghanistan. And while we’re at it let’s pray protection over the precious few Afghan Christians who are brave enough to believe in Jesus.

The next stop on World Prayer Today: Bihar, India. We’ll meet you there tomorrow.

07 Mar

Persecuted Christians need our prayers

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“Persecution of Christians remains more intense in Odisha than anywhere else in the country.” That’s the news we hear from ministry partners in India.

But despite the opposition, God’s Word is making inroads. A listener of Thru the Bible’s Odia language broadcast recently sent us this encouraging story:

“A while ago my sister committed suicide because my parents refused to allow her to marry the man she loved. After this, I became seriously depressed. One day I was listening to the radio and came across your program. I was filled with peace as I heard the hope and joy in the voice of the teacher. My family initially objected because they feared someone might hurt me, but after they saw how I began to change, now they allow me to listen. I have secretly accepted Jesus as my Savior and pray they will do the same.”

Praise God that He uses all the circumstances in our lives for His good! As Thru the Bible is heard in the language of Odia today, let’s pray more listeners will come to faith in Jesus Christ and ask the Lord to protect them.

It’s a privilege to pray with you. Tomorrow we travel to Afghanistan. See you then.

06 Mar

Pray for the Kutchi in India

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“The Kutch district is hard soil when it comes to evangelism.” That’s what Rajan Homer, producer of Thru the Bible’s Kutchi language broadcast, tells us.

He continues: “Since 2002 we’ve been trying to reach the more than two million Kutchi people who follow Hinduism and Islam. It’s difficult work. Please pray for us as we grow listening groups that meet in homes. Pray for those who host them, pray for those who lead them, and pray for those who attend. May the teaching of God’s Word soften hearts and win souls for Jesus Christ.”

Praise God for faithful teachers of His Word! As you pray today for the Kutchi people, please lift up Rajan and his family as well. May God’s favor and protection be with them as he brings the Good News to a largely unreached group of people.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for more of God’s people in India—this time in Odisha.

03 Mar

“Many call us ignorant … but our love for the Lord is deep.”

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With less than 2% of Guatemala’s landmass urbanized, it’s not surprising that volcano-studded horizons and lush forests draw travelers from around the world.

Sadly, the outlook for Guatemalan citizens isn’t nearly as luxurious. More than half of the people live in poverty and an astonishing 40% of children under the age of five are malnourished.

But praise God that His Word is bringing hope to listeners in the languages of Spanish, Quiché, and Mam. One listener recently wrote:

“My childhood was humble, but as my mother worked hard she always took time to sit us down so we could listen to you teach God’s Word. Many called us ignorant and poor … but our love for the Lord and for each other was deep. As we listened to your programs, our home was filled with hope and joy. I am now 50 years old, and you continue to feed my spiritual life in the same way as when I was a child. I am grateful for your dedication to God’s Word and will pray that more Guatemalans will know the true riches one can have as a child of God.”

That’s a great prayer! Today let’s ask God to reach into more hearts and homes in Guatemala. And as we pray for their spiritual needs, let’s ask God to meet their physical needs as well.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues next week in South Asia. On Monday we’ll meet you in Gujarat, India.

02 Mar

There are no accidents

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“I used to think that I found your program accidentally. But now I know better.” That’s what a listener in Argentina recently wrote.

She continues, “God had ordained our meeting, and I’m so grateful. Each program is treasure and is designed in a very detailed way that invites me in and teaches me about Jesus. I will keep listening and hope to keep growing in knowledge and faith. I will pray others will ‘accidentally’ find you, too.”

She’s right! As our teacher, Dr. McGee, once said, “God is working in all things—there are no accidents.” Together let’s ask God to use Thru the Bible as a tool to introduce more people in Argentina—and around the world—to Himself.

Hop aboard with us tomorrow as we pray our way through Guatemala.

01 Mar

“I want more of Him and less of me.”

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“More of Him and less of me.” That’s what a listener in the Dominican Republic says is on her heart today.

She continues, “Your programs have encouraged me to set aside so many of my selfish habits and seek to be more like Jesus. My family and I study with you and then I share what I’ve heard in a social media group to keep on sowing the seed of the Word of God. I pray many more will listen to you and believe.”

The Dominican Republic is just one stop on our World Prayer Today journey through the West Indies today. So let’s ask God to raise up more listeners, like this one, who will share His Word on the island nations of the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the Windward and Leeward Islands.

Tomorrow we’re off to Argentina … we’ll meet you there!

28 Feb

“I am finally able to know what God wants of me”

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“I found this Bible study a month ago, and I’ve been studying a passage that looked so difficult and incomprehensible. But now it is so easy to understand. I am finally able to know what God wants of me, and that is a huge blessing.”

That’s the good news we hear from a listener in Ecuador today. Let’s pray that more listeners in Ecuador will hear God’s Word and apply to it their lives.

And let’s also intercede for Thru the Bible’s Quichua language broadcasts that have the potential to reach roughly three million indigenous people in Ecuador and throughout Latin America.

Our prayer journey continues tomorrow in the West Indies. Invite your friends to join us at TTB.org/pray.

27 Feb

Finding freedom from superstition

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Roughly the size of the state of New Hampshire, the small country of Belize has big spiritual needs. Although the majority of Belizeans profess Christianity, it is often combined with other practices including superstitions, paganism, and black magic.

So, today as we travel over the gorgeous blue waters and lush jungles, let’s take time to pray that God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible’s Spanish broadcasts will bring truth and freedom from the dark traditions that enslave people in Belize.

And while we’re at it, let’s pray for Thru the Bible’s Spanish producer, Samuel Montoya. May God bless his heart and mind as he reaches so many in Latin America and around the world with words of hope, comfort, and the love of our Savior of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your prayer and partnership. Join us tomorrow as we pray for listeners in Ecuador.

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