16 Mar

A young man gives up witchcraft to follow Jesus

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“I felt God would never accept me.” That’s a text we recently received from a listener of Thru the Bible’s Kinyarwanda broadcast in Rwanda.

He continued:

“I am 21 years old and was born in a family that practices witchcraft. My father is a great sorcerer and many of my relatives believe in evil powers. In my teenage years, I did many immoral things. But then I heard your programs on Romans 3:23-24. I was very happy to know that Jesus died for my sins and He can forgive me. I thank God as I am now redeemed by the grace of Jesus. I want to live my life differently; I pray He will help me because I am often weak. Please keep broadcasting. God’s Word gives me strength.”

Today as we pray, let’s ask God to give each one of us the strength to live differently for Him. And while we’re on our knees, let’s intercede for Parfait Mtamvutsu, producer of Thru the Bible’s Kinyarwanda broadcasts. May God bless and expand his ministry throughout Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Tanzania.

Our journey through Africa concludes tomorrow … join us here on World Prayer Today.

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