08 Mar

Praying for Christians in Afghanistan

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Today’s stop on our world prayer tour brings us to the landlocked country of Afghanistan. Bordered by Islamic strongholds like Pakistan and Iran, it’s no surprise we find only around 2,000 Christians believers in the entire country.

Although publicly the government in Kabul has agreed to uphold the International Charter of Human Rights that guarantees religious freedom, the reality is quite different. Most people still cling tightly to tribal leadership and customs that prohibit evangelism and disown and banish anyone who converts to Christianity.

So today let’s intercede for Thru the Bible’s producers of the Pashto and Arabic language broadcasts. While their names are withheld for safety reasons, let’s ask God to use their ministries to change hearts and minds in Afghanistan. And while we’re at it let’s pray protection over the precious few Afghan Christians who are brave enough to believe in Jesus.

The next stop on World Prayer Today: Bihar, India. We’ll meet you there tomorrow.

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