04 Jan

Five voices from Italy

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As often is our practice, we pray for people in our “country of the day” by reading their letters to Thru the Bible. Today as we visit with the people of Italy, we will eavesdrop on their calls to our partner office there.

As you meet these five people, pray for them and others like them around Italy and the world whose spiritual need cries out and is answered by a loving Savior. Pray for those like:

Angelo (40 years old): “I have been listening to your program while in hospital. I realize that God held His hand above me in the car accident that brought me here. I’ve never professed my faith, but I do realize I am a sinner. As I lay in my hospital bed, I hear on your program that salvation is found in Jesus Christ. Please, will you tell me more?”

Dominic: “I listen to your program every day, but cannot believe in God any more as the trials are too much for me. I have many scars.”

Paola: “I am a faithful listener to God’s instruction in His Word. Thank you for the chance you give me to hear from Him through the radio. Tonight I am very sad, but the Lord is our Comforter. I pray for others who are sad, too, within the reach of your program.”

Piemonte: “I’m a policeman. I would like to know something more about God. I know some evangelical people and I’ve noticed there is a peace in their eyes that I can’t explain. I would like to have the same peace that is beyond explanation.”

Puglia: “I’m a faithful listener. I have big problems with my husband. You are the only way I can spiritually grow. I listen to your program and study the Bible while he sleeps.”

The one seeking God … the one who needs comfort … the one who needs hope … the one who needs rescue … pray for these today in Italy and also in your own hometown. We all need Jesus; pray that as His Word goes out, many find Him today.

Join the prayer team in Portugal tomorrow.

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