14 Mar

Praying for freedom to worship in Eritrea

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Welcome, World Prayer Team! We’re glad to have you along for the journey. Today we travel to the Horn of Africa and visit with a listener in the country of Eritrea.

“As an evangelist and teacher, I thank the Lord for your faithful messages in my language of Tigrinya. What an education God has given me through your programs. I constantly thank Him for your zeal in sharing His Word. Many in my country are mistreated and imprisoned for their faith, so it can be easy to live in fear and abandon the truth. But you are a source of biblical encouragement to me again and again. Keep it up!”

Thank you, Lord, for this courageous man and others like him who boldly follow Jesus despite the consequences!

Pray with us as we ask God to protect His people in Eritrea and grant them freedom to openly worship.

Tomorrow we’ll hear how God’s Word is bringing comfort to Muslims in Nigeria.

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