13 Mar

Zimbabwe needs our prayer …

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Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we touch down in the African country of Zimbabwe. As we pray, here are a few facts to help direct us:

  • Zimbabwe has the highest public debt and consumer price inflation in the world.
    Unemployment hovers around 90%.

    • Zimbabwe has the fifth highest HIV/AIDS-related deaths in the world … about 286 deaths every day.13
  • Around 70% of people claim to be Christian, but the majority of them also maintain indigenous practices such as witchcraft and ancestor worship.

That’s a lot to pray about! Please join us in interceding for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts in the languages of Afrikaans, Chichewa, African English, and Shona. Let’s ask God to use His Word to bring clarity and discernment and raise up leaders to guide the future of His church in Zimbabwe.

Tomorrow we visit another African country, Eritrea. Join us and invite your friends to sign up for the journey here at TTB.org/pray.

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