09 Mar

“I am poor, but the Word of God makes me rich.”

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As our World Prayer Tour continues in India, we stop in Bihar to meet a listener named Madan, who shares this good news:

“My family is from a staunch non-Christian background. But when a friend invited us to listen to Thru the Bible, we were intrigued and accepted his invitation. As we listened over dinner, my life changed. I felt that God was directly talking to me.

“Now my wife and I are regular listeners. Although I cannot read and am poor, the Word of God makes me rich spiritually. When I accepted the Lord’s invitation for eternal life, I began to share the gospel with others. Your programs have been my teacher. In fact, I’ve begun a small church and our numbers are growing. I’m grateful that God can use anyone for His purpose; He sees the inner heart of the man. My prayer is that more people come to the Lord through this ministry.”

Praise God for this pastor and so many others like him. Let’s ask God to bless those who reach out in His name in India and around the world. May His name be glorified and lives changed by the knowledge of His truth.

Our journey through India continues tomorrow in Goa. Join us right here and invite your friends to sign up here at TTB.org/pray. 

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