07 Mar

Persecuted Christians need our prayers

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“Persecution of Christians remains more intense in Odisha than anywhere else in the country.” That’s the news we hear from ministry partners in India.

But despite the opposition, God’s Word is making inroads. A listener of Thru the Bible’s Odia language broadcast recently sent us this encouraging story:

“A while ago my sister committed suicide because my parents refused to allow her to marry the man she loved. After this, I became seriously depressed. One day I was listening to the radio and came across your program. I was filled with peace as I heard the hope and joy in the voice of the teacher. My family initially objected because they feared someone might hurt me, but after they saw how I began to change, now they allow me to listen. I have secretly accepted Jesus as my Savior and pray they will do the same.”

Praise God that He uses all the circumstances in our lives for His good! As Thru the Bible is heard in the language of Odia today, let’s pray more listeners will come to faith in Jesus Christ and ask the Lord to protect them.

It’s a privilege to pray with you. Tomorrow we travel to Afghanistan. See you then.

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