06 Mar

Pray for the Kutchi in India

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“The Kutch district is hard soil when it comes to evangelism.” That’s what Rajan Homer, producer of Thru the Bible’s Kutchi language broadcast, tells us.

He continues: “Since 2002 we’ve been trying to reach the more than two million Kutchi people who follow Hinduism and Islam. It’s difficult work. Please pray for us as we grow listening groups that meet in homes. Pray for those who host them, pray for those who lead them, and pray for those who attend. May the teaching of God’s Word soften hearts and win souls for Jesus Christ.”

Praise God for faithful teachers of His Word! As you pray today for the Kutchi people, please lift up Rajan and his family as well. May God’s favor and protection be with them as he brings the Good News to a largely unreached group of people.

Join us tomorrow as we pray for more of God’s people in India—this time in Odisha.

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