03 Mar

“Many call us ignorant … but our love for the Lord is deep.”

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With less than 2% of Guatemala’s landmass urbanized, it’s not surprising that volcano-studded horizons and lush forests draw travelers from around the world.

Sadly, the outlook for Guatemalan citizens isn’t nearly as luxurious. More than half of the people live in poverty and an astonishing 40% of children under the age of five are malnourished.

But praise God that His Word is bringing hope to listeners in the languages of Spanish, Quiché, and Mam. One listener recently wrote:

“My childhood was humble, but as my mother worked hard she always took time to sit us down so we could listen to you teach God’s Word. Many called us ignorant and poor … but our love for the Lord and for each other was deep. As we listened to your programs, our home was filled with hope and joy. I am now 50 years old, and you continue to feed my spiritual life in the same way as when I was a child. I am grateful for your dedication to God’s Word and will pray that more Guatemalans will know the true riches one can have as a child of God.”

That’s a great prayer! Today let’s ask God to reach into more hearts and homes in Guatemala. And as we pray for their spiritual needs, let’s ask God to meet their physical needs as well.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues next week in South Asia. On Monday we’ll meet you in Gujarat, India.

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