10 Jan

“She told me that I needed Jesus.”

E-Mail Forward

“I was studying the Bible for several years, but was not yet a believer. I was looking for God but I had so many questions about religion.”

That’s the beginning of a heartfelt letter we received from a young listener of our Central-Asian Russian broadcast. She continues:

“Finally I met a woman who made it clear that religion isn’t what I was looking for … she told me that I needed Jesus. She told me that only the Holy Spirit can reveal the depth of the gospel. After our conversation, we prayed together and I accepted Jesus. My parents are not Christians so I am not able to attend church. But I listen to the radio every day and then weekly I meet with the same woman. We pray together and study the Word of God.”

Isn’t this amazing? Let’s pray today for so many others in Central Asia, particularly those in Kyrgyzstan. Ask God to stir the seeds of faith in their hearts. And let’s praise Him for those who share their faith and mentor others.

Tomorrow we’re off to the fascinating desert country of Turkmenistan. We’ll meet you there!

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