06 Jan

“I’m just curious … could He be God?”

E-Mail Forward

“I’m writing you today because I am just curious. I heard your program on the radio and the teacher sounded very confident that Jesus was God. Is this true? How can we know?”

Praise God for curious college students, like Shumel in Sweden. For an entire generation of secular, humanistic, Swedish youth, questions are flying. Much of Swedish culture communicates that spiritual issues are not relevant to real life and instead the pursuit of pleasure and material things—or at least whatever is important to you as a person—should be priority in life. Naturally this has led to a superficial perspective and empty lives.

Pray for the people of Sweden to wake up to the truth and seek God with their whole hearts. Intercede for Christian leaders and educators to be strong apologists for a biblical worldview and for more curious seekers to listen to God’s Word taught on Thru the Bible. And if you want to be even more specific in your intercession, pray for the people who live in Stockholm, the capital city and hub of culture. Include in your prayers those who have come to Stockholm as refugees (one of the largest populations worldwide).

Pray with confidence that those who seek God will find Him as they search for Him with their whole hearts.

Ask God to bring the needs of Europe to your heart over the weekend. See you next week!

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