03 Jan

Light in the darkness of Finland

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This year Finland celebrates its 100th year as an independent nation, having gained freedom from Russian rule in 1917.

Wedged between Russia and Sweden, this gorgeous land only sees a few hours of light today as the sun barely hovers over the horizon. Let’s join together and pray that in these long weeks of darkness that the light of Christ will shine and Finnish people will turn to Jesus as their Savior.

Historically, Finland has been known as a missions “sending nation”—with many laborers going out, especially to Russia. But now, a very small number (less than 3%) attend church weekly, and Islam is finding success planting roots among the people.

Would you pray today that in their darkness the spiritually-seeking Finnish people will discover Thru the Bible online or on the radio? Ask the Lord in His mercy (that’s new every morning) to bring a new day to the people of Finland.

We’re traveling to beautiful Italy tomorrow. Come pray with us.

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