30 Dec

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As we mentioned earlier this week, this year we traveled on our knees around the world, country to country. Thank you for your fellowship and faithfulness on the journey!

Have you been thinking how God has used this effort in your life? Reflect on the following questions:

  • What country/story do you remember praying for this year? Any stand out?
  • How did God use this prayer journey in your life? Do you see the world any differently?
  • Why would you like to continue and encourage others to join you?

We’d love to hear your responses and share your encouragement with your fellow World Prayer Team. Just send your comments to BIBLEBUS@TTB.org and we’ll get the word out.

Ready to start again next week? Our 2017 prayer journey around the world begins again right here on World Prayer Today.

29 Dec

Mercy for the broken-hearted

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Thanks for joining us as we pray our way through cities, countries, and continents around the world. No matter where we go, we find people whose hearts are breaking.

Today we visit with Jennifer, a grief-stricken mother in New York, who writes:

“Thank you for blessing my life. My son committed suicide almost a year ago, and I often could not sleep because of the trauma and pain. My suffering was unbearable. God used Dr. McGee to comfort me when I would not be able to sleep, and let me know that God was with me.”

Sadly, we know that Jennifer is not alone—each year more than one million people take their lives. Lift up broken-hearted families. Ask that they sense God’s presence in their lives (Psalm 34:18). Praise the Lord that He promises to be near to the broken-hearted.

Tomorrow we’ll conclude our year-long prayer journey around the world. What will you remember?

28 Dec

“I thank God that I’m far from where I was …”

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Today on World Prayer Today, we celebrate the miraculous way God draws people to Himself. Like this brother in California:

“Dr. McGee brings a deep understanding of the Word of God that I have never experienced before. For many years, I watched the “Bible Bus” from afar but was always hesitant to climb on-board. Until a year ago when I found the Lord—or rather, when He found me. A co-worker met me at a local coffee shop and prayed with me. In that very parking lot, I acknowledged and confessed my sin and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. But I didn’t feel any different. A week went by, no difference. A month, two, three months went by … no different. I did however continue to listen to Thru the Bible on my phone and read my Bible. Day by day, as Dr. McGee unwrapped the Word, I began to not only look forward to the next day’s message, but found myself needing the next day’s message! Over time, I changed. The change was not an instantaneous ‘flash’ but more of a methodical slow burn. Though I’m far from where I need to be … I thank God that I’m far from where I was! God called me and I answered. It’s that simple.”

Let’s thank the Lord for courageous people who share the name of Jesus with their friends, neighbors, and coworkers and one by one see them turn to God.

Join us tomorrow as the celebration continues right here on World Prayer Today.

27 Dec


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Whew! In 2016, we traveled on our knees around the world, country to country. Thank you for your fellowship and faithfulness on the journey!

As we reflect on our worldwide prayer journey, consider the following questions:

    • What country/story do you remember praying for this year? Any stand out?
    • How did God use this prayer journey in your life? Do you see the world any differently?
    • Why would you like to continue and encourage others to join you?

Think about how God has used this effort in your life and share your responses with your fellow World Prayer Team. Send your comments and encouragement to BIBLEBUS@TTB.org and we’ll get the word out.

Tomorrow we pray alongside a fellow Prayer Team member who answered God’s call in his life.

26 Dec

Good news of great joy—to all people

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As we celebrate this season of “good news of great joy which shall be to all people”—as the angels declared when they announced Jesus’ birth in that Bethlehem field—remember that they modeled how God’s grace would be shared with people from every country on earth.

Today we’re thanking God for how He is at work around the world. One of our fellow prayer warriors writes,

“Tears flow when I hear of the hardships of people, my fellow Bible Bus riders in other areas of the world; but they turn to joy when I read about and pray for those who believe in Jesus Christ as Savior when they hear the Word of God on the radio. I am so very privileged to be able to pray for all. It is a commitment I have made and will continue to do as long as I am on earth.”

Aren’t you glad for this privilege to intercede for people we’ll meet someday in heaven? Keep praying, Team.

Join us again tomorrow for another opportunity to pray.

23 Dec

God’s Word is changing lives in the Muslim world

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God’s Word is changing lives in Algeria!

That’s what our World Prayer Team is celebrating today. In a country where 99% of the population is Muslim, listen to this good news:

“Can I ask you to help me learn more about Christianity? Your program helps me understand a lot. I was given a hunger in my soul to search for Jesus and to know more about Him. I need your support in this because I am a Muslim and my family would not approve.”

As we slow down and begin our family celebrations, let’s keep praying and praising God for the way He is reaching into hearts and homes in the most unexpected places. From Algeria to Albania, Arkansas, Angola and beyond … ask God to flood the hearts of people with His grace and love this season and beyond.

It’s a privilege to pray and praise alongside you, join us for more on Monday as we visit with a grateful member of our Prayer Team.

22 Dec

“He has made an old man like me a new creature!”

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“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we are in Greece, praising God alongside a listener named George from Nicosia.

“I have been listening to your programs for about a year and a half and am so grateful for each one. I thank God that He has saved me! Can you imagine? He has made an old man like me a new creature! If only I had heard you sooner I would have avoided so many mistakes in my life. My job ends at 9:30 pm, the time that your programs start. I hurry to my car and I do not exit until your program finishes. It bothered my wife for so long, but now she listens, too. Recently when I listened to Exodus, I began to understand why the manna had to be gathered for one day only. We have to walk day by day. And so I will continue to listen to you day by day and receive exactly what I need from the Lord.”

What an encouraging letter! Today, let’s praise God for how He feeds and leads us day by day. Like George, may our affection and joy for Him grow as we learn to trust in Jesus alone.

Our prayer journey continues tomorrow, this time in Algeria.

21 Dec

God leaves nothing to coincidence

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As our praise and prayer tour of the world continues this month, let’s stop for a minute and rejoice with a listener named Peter in Oak Hill, Virginia.

He writes:

“I do not think it is random chance that God led me to your broadcast a few days before the end of the book of Revelation this past March 2016. This was so that I could jump on ‘the bus’ right as it was about to leave again for another five-year journey through His glorious Word. I have heard the program off and on thru WAVA in the Washington DC area, but I never really committed to my seat on ‘the bus.’ I praise the Lord for His love and faithfulness, knowing that there is no such thing as coincidence for His people.”

Peter is right! God is faithful and always working things together for our good and His glory. Let’s praise Him today for the fulfillment of that promise in our lives and ask Him to open our hearts to be ready for the next faith adventure that He has in store for each of us.

We’re praying and praising our way through the gorgeous country of Greece tomorrow. We hope you’ll join us there.

20 Dec

“I am a woman who once lost hope …”

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God is at work answering our prayers! That’s what we are celebrating all month long here at World Prayer Today.

So join us today as we celebrate with this listener of our Khmer broadcast in Cambodia:

“I am a divorced mother whose life used to be very hard. I was very bitter and angry about raising my children alone. One day I heard your program and I began to change. Since then God has called me to Himself and I now even have a little job at a church to support my family. I have learned a lot through radio and receive much encouragement through God’s Word. I am a woman who once lost hope but I get hope through this program and have a happy life with God. I have started to tell other villagers about your program. Please pray for God’s provision for my family and for our need to have a building in which our church can meet.”

Praise God for the change only He can bring about in our lives. Let’s praise Him for the faith of this new sister and ask Him to continue to provide for her family.

We’re celebrating God’s goodness all month long. Join us tomorrow as our journey brings us home to the USA.

19 Dec

“Your words have given us life …”

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Although freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed in Vietnam, the harsh reality for many believers includes harassment and persecution. That’s why today we are praising God for the many in Vietnam who hear God’s Word and respond in faith.

Rejoice in this letter we recently received.

“In spite of the darkness that surrounds us, your words have given us life! Every night my family and I sit next to the radio to hear and learn God’s Word. We are so happy when listening to your teaching and sharing. We are encouraged a lot. Letters of listeners’ testimonies from the program have brought us comfort and encouragement. I also learn that His Word has power to fulfill His purpose for our family. We are very grateful to you. Please pray for my wife and I to have steady and strong faith in God’s Word even though it is not very welcome in our village.”

Today, let’s praise God for the faith of this family and others like them in Vietnam! Ask Him to give them strength and courage to withstand those who oppose them.

There’s more to praise God for tomorrow. Invite a friend to join us here at TTB.org/pray.

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