02 Dec

Too old to be used by God?

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Too old to be used by God? Not in God’s economy!

Listen to what Jennifer writes from Cape Coral, Florida:

“I’m a full-time nurse for a 91-year-old long-time listener of Thru the Bible. I’ve been with Esther for 3 1/2 years. I’m happy to report that I am now on the Bible Bus, too. Esther now requires 24-hour care. The four additional caregivers are now learning about Thru the Bible, too—and in their original languages! How amazing is that! No one is ever too old or too weak to witness for God! Thank you for spreading God’s Word all around the world and for your many language translations that speak directly to the heart of each listener!”

Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Today let’s praise God for listeners like Esther and others who are “shining.”

We’ll celebrate God at work again next week right here on World Prayer Today.

01 Dec

“I was becoming an instrument for the devil himself…”

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In John 8:32, Jesus promises, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” That’s what we’re celebrating in India today.

Listen to this wonderful letter from a listener who hears our Bhojpuri program from her home in Uttar Pradesh:

“My family’s religion is strongly rooted in demonic rituals and worship. At that time, I was not aware that I was becoming an instrument for the devil himself. I was under demonic oppression and many spiritual attacks. My husband took me to several witch doctors to be freed, but it was in vain. My physical health began to deteriorate and my family grew extremely worried for me.

“About that time, my husband ran into a Christian friend at the market. After he came to know about my condition, he came to my house to pray for me. I became more violent as the prayers increased. I tried to run away from these prayers. But the prayer won in the end. I became calm and quieted down. He visited us the next day, prayed for us again, and also explained the Bible to us… He invited us to listen to your programs.

“Through God’s Word we really feel as though we have been set free. Set free from our bondage, set free from our sin … set free from our former life that was leading us to nothing. I thank you for helping me to know Jesus Christ and to experience His love and eternal life.”

Praise God that His promises are true! Today as we celebrate God’s work in our lives and the lives of others around the world, let’s join this listener in thanking Him that He is the truth and He does indeed set us free!

There’s so much more to celebrate; join us tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to Florida.

30 Nov

“I want to change my life.”

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Welcome, World Prayer Team! Today we travel to Indonesia to meet a listener of our Javanese program who recently gave his life to Jesus.

Listen to this wonderful story.

“My family is poor and we often feel vulnerable, as if no one cares for us. After hearing your program, I felt God’s love and received Jesus. As my family listened with me, they also began to feel peace and God’s protection. It has only been a month, but we have all given our lives to Him. Now as I listen, I want to change our lives. I want to know what God requires and do only those things. Please pray for me and my family, we wish to serve Him well.”

Praise the Lord that God’s Word is reaching families in the Muslim-dominant nation of Indonesia! Pray that more people will hear and believe the good news God has for them.

Join us tomorrow for more praise and celebration on World Prayer Today.

29 Nov

“I come from a Muslim faith but have turned to Jesus.”

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As we continue our celebration of how God changes our lives when we come to Him by faith, we stop today and visit with a listener of our Yoruba broadcast in Nigeria.

He says:

“I come from a Muslim faith but have turned to Jesus. I have no church that I attend because I cannot come out to say I am now a Christian, so I use this program to help me worship and grow. Please pray f29or me as I want to please God, but it is not safe to follow Him here.”

Praise God for His Word that is reaching Nigerians despite the intense opposition to His name! Today let’s pray that His people stand firm and ask God to bless them for their faithful desire to walk with God.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate another changed-life story—this time in Indonesia.

28 Nov

Making a mark for the gospel in Spain

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“A few days ago, I began listening to your program,” Marco from Torre del Mar, Spain, told us.

“I have to admit,” he said, “hearing the Bible has made a great impact on me. I’m so moved by it that I dared even to phone you. Could I ask for the Gospel of John you shared, please? I have never read the Bible and would love to do it for the first time. Thank you for this good work. It is making its mark on me.”

Your prayers are having an impact in the sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ in Spain! Encourage each other to keep interceding for people like Marco who are hearing for the very first time how they can know God.

God is doing great things around the world. We’ll continue our celebration through the coming weeks.

25 Nov

An animist finds hope in Jesus

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“I worshiped the suns, the moons, the stars, and all kinds of animals.”

That’s what one Thru the Bible listener in India recently wrote to us. He continued:

“I was born an animist, a religion local to my place. I did not know anything about the church or the God they worshiped. But I hated them. Christians aren’t treated well here, and I thought it was for good reason. But I was in no place to judge. I was an alcoholic, a complete madman walking around the streets without any purpose. I had no concept of joy or peace in my life.

“One day I walked into my friend listening to your radio program. I heard a good message in my own language. It broke me down, in a good way. I met with Jesus and I have never looked back. I am now an active member of my church with a purpose in life. Thank you Jesus for taking a sinner like me and giving me hope.”

Amen! Let’s thank God for giving us His hope for a glorious future. Ask Him to bless the broadcasting of His Word in India and around the world so that more people may experience His saving grace.

Our journey of praise and celebration continues next week. Join us here.

24 Nov

Take a quiz on Latin America

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Latin America—the group of Romance-language-speaking countries spanning from the Rio Grande River in the north to the tip of Cape Horn in the south—is a fascinating part of the world.

Think back to geography class and quiz yourself on the following questions:

1. What’s the largest Latin American city?
a. Lima, Peru     b. Mexico City, Mexico     c. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2. What percentage of people live in cities?
a. 40%                   b. 80%                    c. 25%

3. The Amazon River sprawls across eight countries, including 1.4 billion acres of dense forest. In Brazil, the Amazon is also home to the most isolated indigenous tribes in the world. How many of those tribes do you think still need to hear the gospel?
a. 17                     b. 77                      c. 7

For each of these questions, the correct answer is B. How’d you do?

Latin America is exquisite, diverse and in need of the Good News to permeate each country, language, and family. Praise God today for His work in the people of Latin America.

Tomorrow we’ll travel on our knees to pray for the beautiful people of Spain.

23 Nov

Satisfying an appetite for God in France

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Bonjour! Today our World Prayer Team is traveling through one of Europe’s largest and most charming countries.

Yes, we’re in France, praying for the 62 million people who live in this secular country where many are “Christian” but, too often, in name only. More than 300 towns and cities in France have no evangelical presence, which is why radio is increasingly effective in teaching people how to know God and His Word.

Marie, from Saint-Aygulf tells us,

“I’m still on the Bible Bus and I continue to glean new understanding from God’s Word. I hunger more and more for the Word. With each new truth I learn, I jump for joy! God is reigning over our lives! Let’s worship Him!”

Praise God today that He is reaching people like Marie and giving her a passion for His Word. Pray for more in Marie’s home country to increase their desire and longing for God.

Tomorrow we find out what God is doing in Latin America.

22 Nov

“What happens after we die?”

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As we intentionally take these weeks at the end of the year to praise God for how He has worked in the lives of Thru the Bible listeners this year, it’s good to remember what it was like when we were lost, without hope.

Today, reflect on God’s goodness when He22 saved you as you read this story of a true seeker:

“In my country, it is not allowed to question authority. But in my spirit, I was. I looked for truth that satisfied my questions about life after we die. I did not believe in my country’s teaching on ancestor worship. Quietly, I listened to my coworkers from other countries. What did they believe? I asked one trustworthy woman and she was the first person to tell me about Jesus. She then gave me a thumb drive of the Thru the Bible studies. I am listening every night. I am writing you now to tell you that I have decided to trust Jesus Christ with my heart and soul. Thank you for your teaching. Please pray for me.”

Wow! We’re so glad to pray for this precious new sister and others like her who are being drawn by God to His truth. Your prayers are making a difference!

Hear more great stories of God at work tomorrow here with the World Prayer Team.

21 Nov

“Thanks for keeping me on track!”

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There’s hardly a family in the world today that is not affected by the ravages of addictive substance abuse. Many wonder if there’s any way out.

Meet Scott, whose company on the Bible Bus has helped him survive.

“Addicted to cocaine, I lost everything … my job, my house, and ultimately my family. I ended up living in my car. But praise God, today I cautiously celebrate three years of sobriety! Thank you for your broadcasts that help keep me on track and, more importantly, thanks be to God! I am continually in awe of the saving grace of Jesus Christ—given to anyone who asks, even me!”

Today let’s pray for the millions of people worldwide impacted by substance abuse. Intercede for those who feel like they have no hope—that they would find life and peace in Jesus.

We’ll celebrate another life saved by grace and mercy tomorrow. See you then!

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