29 Sep

How is our family in Morocco?

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Yes, believe it—you have family in Morocco. Brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ living in this predominantly Muslim nation may be forced to worship in secret, but as is often the case, persecution has fueled the fires of faith.

Here is an update from a couple who serve in Thru the Bible’s partner organization in Morocco:

“We just came back from Casablanca in Morocco where we spent six months with our brothers and sisters. I have great news to tell you. In Morocco, those who convert to Christianity (among the Berbers) are countless and added to our Kabyle numbers that are innumerable. More good news is that great fruit is coming from your program. We visited several Christian families who rush to listen to Thru the Bible in Kabyle. One mother told my wife how she and her husband and their children met Jesus—it was by the broadcasts of Thru the Bible which she heard on the radiokabyle.com website. The news of this site was communicated by word of mouth throughout Morocco. Your online programs have brought much success.”

Pray for the continued effectiveness of radio broadcasts on air and online. Pray also for the protection of our family in this country that is hostile to open faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for the people of the Middle East again tomorrow—this time from an unexpected location.

28 Sep

Where’s Qatar?

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It’s easy to miss Qatar on a map. Dwarfed by the neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia and Iran, Qatar hangs on the top edge of the Arabian Peninsula.

As you’d expect, it’s a desert land—miles of sand and sun with intense heat, interspersed with stifling humidity for most of the year. But sandstorms are not the only thing in the air—radio broadcasts are bringing the good news of Jesus Christ—and people are listening.

Like Mohib, who writes:

“When I listen daily to the TTB-Arabic program through the radio broadcasts, I truly experience heavenly joy! Keeping close to the Word of God keeps my soul refreshed and at peace. Although all the surroundings in our region of the world are a source of disturbance and self destruction, I believe that He who is with me is stronger than he who is against me!! Believe me, TTB is my refuge for daily life!”

Thank God for streams in the desert and ask Him to continue to bring life out of the wilderness.

Tomorrow we’ll continue praying for the people of the Middle East—traveling on our knees to the country “whose roots are in the Middle East, but whose branches shade western Europe.”

27 Sep

Not good enough to get to God

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Every world religion has its form of “good enough.”

For some it’s self-denial, for others it’s good works. Every false religion presents an “earn it” regimen. Praise the Lord that the Bible admits that no one could ever be good enough—we need grace.

This week, the World Prayer Team travels across the Middle East on our knees. As we do, let’s remember young men and women like Mahmoud from Tehran who called our offices there and asked,

“How can I be saved from my sins through Isa [Jesus] being sacrificed? Please help me understand. I want to be saved from hell and first from my sins, but in the Quran it always says we have to be good to go to paradise, but I never feel I’m good enough to go!”

The truth is none of us are good enough. That’s the beauty of the mercy of God, who offers us grace when we humbly come to Him for hope and life.27

Let’s pray together tomorrow for people in Qatar living on the north end of the Arabian Peninsula.

26 Sep

The sticky question for Muslim seekers

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“What do you mean by ‘He is the Son of God?’”—that’s the sticky issue for many Muslim seekers.

And that’s what Abdelrahim wrote to us about from Yemen:

“I’ve been listening to your program and would like to have your Holy Bible, because I couldn’t find it in my country. Your teaching seems interesting and what I hear about Issa [Jesus] seems different than what we were taught. Please what do you mean by ‘He is the Son of God?’”

Pray today for people from Muslim backgrounds who find their heart stirred by the prospect of a loving Savior who is also the Son of God. Pray that they hear and respond to solid, biblical doctrine as taught on Thru the Bible. And pray with confidence, knowing that God’s Word says that those who sincerely seek Him will find Him, if they search for Him with their whole hearts.

Continue on your knees with us tomorrow when we intercede for the people of Iran.

23 Sep

Praying the impossible in Uzbekistan

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In Matthew 19:26, Jesus said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

And that’s the hope we’re clinging to today as we visit the country of Uzbekistan.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are only 25,000 known Christians in Uzbekistan (in a country of nearly 28 million) and they need our prayer. It is not uncommon for these brothers and sisters to face persecution, arrest, torture, and targeted attacks from government-controlled police and media.

Yet praise God that in spite of this harassment, the church continues to grow, mainly in urban areas, where about one-third of Uzbeks live.

Today let’s pray for these brave saints and ask God to grant them freedom to worship without fear. And let’s boldly ask Him to bless Thru the Bible’s broadcasts heard in Uzbek and Russian. May the millions of Uzbek people be changed as they hear the name of Jesus.

On Monday the World Prayer Team is traveling on our knees to Yemen. Invite a friend to join us and meet us there!

22 Sep

When life is hard

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“Life is not easy at the moment.”

That’s what we hear from a listener in Ukraine. Can you relate? If so, I hope you’ll receive encouragement as she continues her story:

“Though life is hard, we pray for peace for our country Ukraine, and for the Lord to solve all our problems. Our factory is planning to reduce the staff, there are no more orders, and the payments are minimal. And so I find myself trusting in the Lord to help me carry on. I know that life is a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Therefore I would not like to murmur, but set myself on getting to know the will of God for myself. Thank you for your programs that remind me of what is really important. Today I will choose joy and constantly pray that the Lord will use this difficult time to draw me closer to him.”

What an amazing letter! Let’s pray more listeners will choose joy in the midst of hardship. May each one of us lean on Him and learn to trust Him with the details of our lives.

Our journey through the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russia concludes tomorrow in Uzbekistan. Come ready to intercede for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

21 Sep

Praying in Central Asia’s poorest country

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Welcome World Prayer Team, we’re so glad to have you join as we continue to pray for God’s Word to reach the whole world.

As we touch down in the capital of Dushanbe, Tajikistan, today here are a few things you should know:

  • Tajikistan is the poorest country in Central Asia; 84% live below the poverty line. The country remains strongly dependent on Russia, both for its economy and to help counter security problems.
  • With over 93% claiming Islam, few Tajiks have had the opportunity to hear the gospel because of religious restrictions.
  • Despite this, God’s church is growing. Some estimates indicate there may be as many as 1,000 believers.
  • Uzbek is the largest minority group in Tajikistan with around 1.7 million people. There are no Uzbek churches in Tajikistan.
  • Fear of radical Islam has led to many religious restrictions. Preaching, distribution of religious materials, and registration of churches is very difficult, if not illegal.

That’s a lot to pray about! So, please join us in interceding for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts heard in both the Russian and Uzbek languages. Let’s ask God to use His Word to touch the hearts of the Tajik people and grow His church in this beautiful but troubled land.

Pack your bags and join us tomorrow as we travel on our knees to Ukraine.

20 Sep

Praying for God to intervene in Russia

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Welcome back to Russia, World Prayer Team! We’re glad to have you join us as we continue to pray for Thru the Bible’s ministry in the largest country on earth.

Not much has changed since March when the government began opposing broadcasting licenses for Christian ministries, but we continue to be reminded that God is in control and He still wants us to share His Word with millions of Russians.

So please continue to intercede for God’s favor as we prayerfully build relationships in an effort to sustain traditional broadcasting on Russian radio stations, and pray for creativity and innovation as we consider new opportunities—including new mobile apps and satellite broadcasting.

We are so grateful for your partnership and will be sure to keep you updated on any updates and answers to prayer in this region.

Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Central Asia’s poorest country, Tajikistan.

19 Sep

“God’s Word was a life preserver in my sea of darkness.”

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“It’s often in the most difficult moments of our lives that things become clear.”

That’s what we hear today from a listener in Kazakhstan. She continues:

“I faced several painful circumstances in my life and no longer found joy. I was lost and wanted to commit suicide, but I was afraid. It was then that I remembered a program I once heard and began a search for you. I decided to listen every day and, to my amazement, the words were clearer than ever before. I once was skeptical, but now it was as if God was speaking directly to me. I didn’t know it then, but my heart was crying out for God, and I’m so grateful He heard me and answered through you. God’s Word was a life preserver in my sea of darkness.”

What a wonderful story of God’s faithfulness! Today let’s pray for all those who are lost in the seas of darkness and uncertainty. Let’s pray God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible is a life preserver for them as well.

Join us tomorrow as we gather as a team and pray for ministry challenges in Russia.

16 Sep

Good news from the Arab world

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Have you heard the new things God is doing in the Arab world? Believe it!

Peek over our shoulder at the mail we’re receiving from a people group “who once were far off [but] have been brought near by the blood of Christ” (Ephesians 2:13).

From Thabet in Algeria: “I’m a regular listener to the TTB program and I find it gives me spiritual nourishment, so it would be wonderful if I could have it on CDs so I can keep listening to it all the time! At home or in the car, all the time! May the Word that you broadcast open the hearts of many.”

From Jaffar in Syria: “I would like to express how your TTB program affects many lives, as I am a person who met Jesus through your program a long time ago. I cannot imagine my life without God’s Word anymore! I consider it my daily friend with whom I sit and from whom I learn of God! May your program continue on air and may it bring the good news of salvation to many hearts!”

From Majdy in Lebanon: “I’ll start my letter with many thanks and warm wishes for your team! The TTB-Arabic radio program is one of the most effective life-changing and soul-growing programs! I am sure that many people are being transformed because of the relay of truth! May the Lord bless you and give you all the support you need to keep going and help you be a lighthouse for the lost!”

From Raed in Iraq: “After many years of being lost in the world and in its sins, I’ve found you and found Jesus through your program! I am now His son and He’s my Father and Lord! I wanted to let you know that and also share with you that I cannot stop talking about Jesus Christ to whomever I meet! Pray for me to continue in God’s strength.”

Want to be a part of what God is doing in the Arabic world? Pray! Pray faithfully, with faith and excitement for all God is doing. Pray right now for these precious people and many more like them who are standing for God in a dark world. God hears your petition—pray now!

Join us next week to continue praying, this time for the people of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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