23 Feb

Praying for peace in the Pacific

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If you were to set sail going southwest from the Hawaiian Islands, 3,000 miles out in the open Pacific Ocean you would reach the remote Fiji Islands. More than three hundred of them!

That sounds impressive, but if you could gather them all together, Fiji’s land mass would be smaller than the state of New Jersey.

Fiji once was a British colony, having only gained independence in 1970, with many locals (known as Indo-Fijians) being descendants of slaves working in the sugarcane fields—the island’s main industry next to tourism. In spite of the idyllic beauty, the Fiji people suffer in huge racial tensions and segregation. Indo-Fijians make up more than 35 percent of the population, the majority practicing Hinduism.

Pray today for the people living on this tiny spot in the vast Pacific Ocean. Intercede for them to find peace with God and with each other. Pray with confidence for the day when Habakkuk 2:14 is a reality: “… the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”

(By the way, here’s an interesting fact about Fiji: The International Date Line runs through Fiji’s island of Taveuni. You can stand with one foot in today, and the other still lingering in yesterday.)

Tomorrow we sail the Pacific to another group of islands—where over 260 million people live.

22 Feb

Once far-off, now near

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As we travel the world this week on our knees, we intercede for Arabic-speaking people all over the world.

Living in some of the most spiritually restrictive countries on earth as well as down the street in each of our communities, Arabic speakers now blanket the globe. Surprisingly, many, many people who were once far from God, who refused to hear about the beautiful gift of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, now are willing. Many hearts are turning from darkness because they have seen a great light (Matthew 4:16).

This encouraging letter from an Arabic-speaking person in Australia is like many we receive every day:

“I am not a Christian, but I listen to your broadcasts. I am learning to love Jesus through your program! Please pray as I decide how to navigate rough waters of faith.”

Thank you for praying for Arabic-speaking people as they hear the Good News. Ask God to give them courage to break through spiritual and cultural barriers to come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Then join us again tomorrow as the World Prayer Team travels to the island of Fiji.

21 Feb

“Quit quarreling with God!” says a Burmese sister

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Ready to be blessed?

A sister in Christ named Myo Myo recently wrote Thru the Bible from her home in Myanmar. As you may know, up until a short time ago, this country (formerly known as Burma) was shut off from the world. Now Christian radio is making an inroad into people’s lives. Listen to her sweet word and let’s praise God together:

“I listen to your program and receive much spiritual strength. I am continuously thankful for Burmese Thru the Bible. I was recently strengthened spiritually by walking with you through Job 22:21, ‘Quit quarreling with God! Agree with Him and you will have peace at last!’ I learned that God will bless us as long as we make Him a home in our hearts. Please extend my gratitude to people who are praying for me and my countrymen.”

Keep praying, World Prayer Team. Our prayers are being heard and answered.

Tomorrow we’ll hear of another people-group that once was far from God—but is now drawing near!

20 Feb

God’s Word will be accomplished

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Isaiah 55:11 says, “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Welcome to Cambodia—a beautiful, ravaged land in Southeast Asia. Today we’ll visit with Maly, who writes:

“I am hard-headed. Whenever Christians told me about Jesus, I always rejected what they said. Then a neighbor invited me to have lunch and listen to your radio program. Afterwards, I went back home and started to cry. Finally, I decided to go and ask them how to accept Christ. Thank you for introducing me to Jesus, my Savior and Lord.”

That’s the power of God’s Spirit at work through His Word, drawing a hard heart to Himself.

Today let’s be on our knees for the people of Cambodia who hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible. We can praise God together for the confidence that He will accomplish His purpose through His Word.

While we’re in Southeast Asia, let’s visit Myanmar tomorrow—a land once forbidden, now is receiving God’s Word.

17 Feb

“I owe you my life…”

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“I owe you my life ….”

That’s the news we recently received from a listener of our Hungarian broadcasts. Here’s the rest of his riveting story:

“The fact is that your programs helped save me from suicide, and enlightened me about things I had never believed before. I was arrested years ago at the Hungarian-Austrian border and taken to prison in Germany. It was hard being far away from my homeland and my parents, in the midst of strange people whose language was foreign to me. They threw me into a dark cell, and I was alone for six months. My only interaction was hearing others shout at me.

“During that time, a kind guard slipped me a tiny radio receiver. He didn’t know it, but that night I decided to make an end to my sufferings and kill myself. I was going to wait until the others had quieted down for the night, and so I distracted myself by searching the receiver for programs. Suddenly, I heard some Hungarian words being spoken and almost jumped up for joy. Hearing my native tongue took me back to my home and the people I love so much. I was sad that the program soon ended, but I was so preoccupied with your transmission that I forgot about my suicidal plans. The whole next day I tried to find the program and then from that day forward. I counted the hours like a child and waited for it. Thanks to this word about God, my decision to commit suicide grew weaker and weaker. Now I have hope for the future. Please pray that more people in my homeland will hear your messages of hope and be encouraged to live a life that’s pleasing to God. Today that is my mission. I want to serve Him until He takes me home.”

The truth is that we all owe God for our lives! Let’s praise Him that He reaches us in our deepest moments of need. And let’s join this listener, asking God to expand the reach of His Word to every town and every home in Hungary and beyond.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues next week in Southeast Asia. Climb aboard and join us!

16 Feb

“Carry on, faithful prayer warriors. God’s Word is our best defense.”

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“The more I get to know Jesus, the more I love Him.”

That’s what we hear from a fellow World Prayer Team member as we travel on our knees through Poland today. She continues:

“As I study with you, my love for His Word is more mature. My Lord comforts me and gives me joy. He leads me through storms and hard times in my life. His enemy does his best to ruin our spiritual lives, but we win because our Lord was victorious at Calvary. Carry on, faithful prayer warriors. God’s Word is our best defense. Let’s share it from the mountain tops and valleys. The world needs to know of His glory!”

Isn’t that wonderful encouragement? Let’s lift up all those who are faithfully studying God’s Word. Pray that His Spirit will guide their hearts and give them favor as they reach out with the Good News of Jesus.

Tomorrow we’re off to Hungary. We’ll meet you there.

15 Feb

God’s Word fills an empty home

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As our journey through Central Europe continues this week, we stop and pray for this listener of our Croatian broadcasts in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

“I lost my wife, Ana, who was everything in the world to me. She knew how to do everything at home and in the field, but the illness came quickly and devastated her so fast I didn’t even have time to realize she was leaving. Thank you for your broadcasts that have brought me the hope of Jesus in this dark time. I am your regular listener and rely on your presence in my home. God’s Word seems to fill the rooms even though they are now empty.”

As we mourn alongside this brother, let’s also rejoice that God’s Word can indeed fill our homes and our hearts in our darkest hours. And let’s pray that more people in Bosnia-Herzegovina and all over Central Europe will also find the hope that can only be found in Jesus.

Our prayers for God’s whole Word to reach His whole world continue tomorrow in Poland. Join us, won’t you?

14 Feb

Seeing the big picture

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“Following God is always an adventure, one that sometimes takes us where we never knew we wanted to go!”

That’s what we hear from a listener named Stavros in Greece. He continues:

“I had an accident, and in my recovery I began listening to your programs. For the first time, I understood many things I had heard from the Bible. I realized that God really does not leave us. I learned that I had been greedy and selfish; now I want to give and care for others. I am surprised to say this, but I’m grateful for this accident and the new way to look at life. Thank you for sharing His Word that changed my heart.”

Praise God—His ways are amazing, even when we don’t see the big picture of what He’s doing! Today let’s pray that more people will hear His Word and trust in His plan for their lives. May He bring good out of our bad circumstances and use them all to reveal His glory and grace.

Our travels continue tomorrow in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

13 Feb

A cancer survivor finds hope and healing in God’s Word

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Welcome World Prayer Team! Today we travel to Albania to meet with a listener who is clinging to God’s Word for hope. It’s likely her story may remind you of a family member or friend whom you love.

“I am a regular listener of your radio programs. Two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The struggle with cancer has been hard, but I can tell that your program has been a great help and encouragement to me during all this time. The Word of God has the medicine for our soul. I pray others who are struggling with illness will find it as well. Thank you very much.”

What a great prayer! Let’s join her in praying that everyone who suffers from cancer and physical illness will find hope and healing in God’s Word. Ask that He will open their eyes to the comfort found in knowing Jesus Christ.

Hop aboard tomorrow and join us on our knees in Greece.

10 Feb

A taste of God’s faithfulness in Ghana

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It’s our privilege today to intercede for the followers of Jesus Christ in Ghana. More than 60% of Ghana’s people say they believe in Jesus, but less than 10% are part of any church body—that’s more than 1.7 million unchurched Christians.

Gratefully, some of those Christians listen to Thru the Bible. Here is a taste of how our program is being used by God in their lives:

      • “I used to not understand the Bible when I read it, but your unique patience and clear explanations have made it so real to me. Sometimes the cares of this world overwhelm us, but the Word we receive daily helps to establish us in the Lord.”
      • “We love your teachings. Please pray for us so that when we receive the Word we can apply it to our Christian lives. Pray for all farmers in the area, for God to protect and make us productive.”
      • “Keep on teaching us the Word; it makes us strong in the faith and helps to shape my Christian life. My heart is glad when I hear you on air. I listen eagerly every day.”
      • “The TTB messages have helped us to discern what is good from evil.”
      • “I pray more Ghanaians will fall in love with God’s Word and find a church close to them.”

Praise God for His promise to honor His Word everywhere it is heard. Pray through these praises as you intercede for the people of Ghana today and ask God to bring them to mind as you pray this weekend.

We’ll be traveling through Central Europe beginning Monday. See you then!

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