30 Aug

“This is the year I believed in God.”

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“For the first 40 years of my life, I lived in fear—fear of an unknown, hellish life I knew was waiting for me.”

A brother in Karnataka, India, wrote this recently. He continues:

“But this year, I heard the Good News of Jesus Christ on your program. Something in me told me that it was true. So, by faith, I believed Jesus Christ died for my sins and I was received whole before the Father. This is the year that I not only believed in God, but I believed this God loved me and gave His Son for me. Hallelujah!

“In the rest of my life, I will serve God faithfully and will faithfully study His Word through your program. I believe He hears us when we call His name. I wish many people will experience God’s goodness like me.”

The next time you wonder if your prayer intercession for the people of the world makes any difference, remember this precious brother in India and believe, like he did, that God hears the prayers of His people.

We’ll journey to another area of India tomorrow and again witness God at work.

29 Aug

Having the courage to leave

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Leaving the religion of your family to follow Jesus isn’t easy. Let’s listen to the story of this young man in Rajasthan, India, who is requesting our prayers.

“I was born into a Sindhi family that was brought up in the religious beliefs of our ancestors. It meant worshiping gods and goddesses and performing many rituals. We did these things because we wanted prosperity and riches but also protection from the deities. A sudden death in our family awakened me to the reality that our prayers were not being answered and our spiritual path was not the right one.

“In fact, once I reexamined our faith, I saw that rather than receive riches and peace of mind, we got just the opposite: immoral lifestyle, sickness, and poverty. It seemed pointless to continue with all our religious beliefs. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed. I wanted real God who would supply my needs and bless me.

“That is when I accidentally ran into your program. Through your broadcasts I heard that Jesus was the one who could grant me real peace. I was surprised to find that I was being blessed now without having to sacrifice anything at the altar of clay and wooden gods.

“Today I believe in Jesus Christ and have repented for my sins and accepted Him as my Savior. My goal is to share the program with as many people as possible. My family is not happy, many have rejected me, but please pray with me that they may accept the Lord and be set free from sin.”

What a great story. Today let’s join him in praying for his family and others throughout India. And as extremist views become more popular, remember also to pray for our brothers and sisters who are rejected and persecuted. Ask God to encourage, protect, and multiply their numbers as they courageously walk with Him.

Our prayers for God’s people in India continue tomorrow—meet us in Karnataka.

26 Aug

From Suriname: “God said ‘yes’ to our request.”

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Today the World Prayer Team travels to the country of Suriname on the northeast coast of South America.

With Atlantic ocean beaches and over 90 percent of its land covered with tropical rainforests, Suriname is South America’s smallest nation with an entire population similar in size to Kansas City, Missouri (around half a million people).

Like other nations in the region, Suriname was founded by the Dutch as a plantation society. Since slavery was abolished, many ethnicities and cultures now live together—like a patchwork quilt, its unofficial symbol. Suriname allows complete religious freedom, with over half the population saying they are Christians. Sadly, most practice Spiritism and many have simply walked away from their faith.

But as always, God has a remnant—like this young man who wrote recently,

“For a long time, we longed for a radio for listening to God’s Word every day. Now [TWR] gave us a radio. Thank God because He listened to our request and said, ‘Yes.’”

Pray today that the people of Suriname would call out to God and He would respond with a “yes” to their spiritual need through His Word and His Son, Jesus.

Remember the spiritual needs of the people of South America this weekend as the Lord prompts you to pray. We travel to Asia next week on our knees. We’ll meet again right here.

25 Aug

Traveling on our knees to “the Switzerland of South America”

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Uruguay is a beautiful place to live. In southeastern South America, nestled between Brazil and Argentina on the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay enjoys warm temperatures, exquisite beaches, and a comfortable standard of living characteristic of their mix of Spanish and Italian culture.

Yet in this beautiful land, less than five percent of the population knows Jesus as their Savior. One of our World Prayer Team members who has roots in Uruguay asked us to join her in praying for her country:

“We come before the only God Almighty, asking for His grace on our precious little nation. Through Your Holy Spirit, make Your light to shine in the darkness. Flood us with Your Word, especially in my city, Montevideo, that people would hear Your Word and lift their faces to heaven. We cry out to You for this people. Please shine on this land and bathe it with the light of Your salvation. Amen.”

Tomorrow we’ll travel north through rainforests and coastland to intercede for the people of Suriname.

24 Aug

Lifting up the children of Costa Rica

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Two out of three people in Costa Rica are under age 18—that’s almost three million young people whom Jesus loves.

On our prayer journey today, we see the beautiful nation of Costa Rica—sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The natural beauty of the land and the people belie the country’s spiritual poverty.

We don’t receive many letters from this region of the world, but one email came in recently that said,

“I give God thanks for His goodness and mercy, allowing me to be here to listen to the Bible lessons. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for making these studies possible.”

Today, let’s lift up this next generation and ask for God to draw them to Himself in salvation. May every child know His love and as they learn His truth, may every young person be made new in Jesus Christ.

Travel on your knees with us tomorrow to the beautiful land of Uruguay.

23 Aug

Praying protection for the most innocent in Guatemala

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A Facebook friend of the World Prayer Team asks us to pray for her country of Guatemala today.

Let’s echo her prayer:

“Heavenly Father, we come into Your presence to adore You and to ask for Your favor for the country of Guatemala. We pray for the people of my country to turn aside from empty traditions that have enslaved them and instead turn to You for salvation. We ask that churches would proclaim the gospel and politicians would be honest and fair in their dealings and that Christian values would guide them in establishing a healthy nation. Heavenly Father, please bring an end to the violent crimes in our country—especially those against the most innocent—women, children, and the elderly. Expel every appearance of darkness. May peace and joy find a home in every heart in spite of the harsh realities of poverty, lack of opportunity, and denial of basic civil liberties. May Your kingdom come to Guatemala. Amen.”

Remember this heartfelt petition for Guatemala and pray again as the Lord brings this lovely people group to your mind.

Beautiful Costa Rica is our next prayer destination. Join us here tomorrow.

22 Aug

What the Bible says happens after we die

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“I live in the state of Puebla, south of Mexico City, and I want to tell you how my grandson introduced me to God through your program.”

As you enjoy this sweet grandmother’s story, pray for others to also be delivered from Spiritism and ancestor worship in Mexico and around the world.

“My grandson, Roberto, shocked me when he asked me questions about my altar for the Day of the Dead. ‘They are dead and cannot see how beautiful it is,’ he said. I believed that on the Day of the Dead, our dead loved ones come back to life to visit us and see beautiful things like this altar and taste their favorite foods. I wanted the dead to be happy, and that would make us happy, too. ‘That is not what the Bible says happens after we die,’ Roberto said.

“I knew very little about what the Bible says, so I listened to Roberto. ‘How do you know?’ I asked him. And that’s when he introduced me to your program. I learned so much in such a short time. I realized I had been fearful of the dead for my whole life. I also learned that Jesus Christ took the stinger from death and He died for me so that death was not in control of my life any longer.

“Roberto and I listen every day to Thru the Bible and are learning so much. Thank you for this new life.”

Praise God for the way His truth sets us free.

Tomorrow we journey to Guatemala to see how God is at work there. We’ll meet right here.

19 Aug

Praying for spiritual freedom in Botswana

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Culture vs. faith—it’s a common struggle that needs wisdom to discern. That’s what we need to pray for as we visit Botswana today.

Thanks for joining us on World Prayer Today. As we travel once again through what many call the “jewel of Africa,” we’re boldly asking God to free believers from tribal rituals and animistic practices. As one listener tells us:

“It is often hard to tell the truth from lies. No one seems to know. I thank God for your program that tells us what the Bible says. Man can deceive, but I trust God’s Word to tell the truth.”

What a great letter. Let’s ask God today to penetrate more hearts and souls in Botswana, ridding them of old desires and making His Word the foundation of their lives.

Latin America is our prayer destination next week. Hop aboard and join us!

18 Aug

Praying for the children of Mali

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Welcome World Prayer Team! Today we land in the country of Mali where a “member” of our World Prayer Team has asked us to pray for her country.

She writes:

“I pray for you always. To know that our prayers are granted gives me strength and courage to follow God even when I am tested. I hope others have been strengthened too. Your broadcasts in my language of Bambara give me a lot of hope and I walk in the ways of God through your words. Please pray for my country and for our children. We need God’s presence to save us from destruction.”

Isn’t it great to hear from a fellow prayer warrior? Join her in asking God to make His presence known in the country of Mali, especially in the hearts of the children who make up more than 50% of the population. Let’s also pray for the children in our own lives. May God’s Word take root in their hearts and be a constant guide as they grow and blossom in His love.

Our week-long prayer journey through Africa ends tomorrow in Botswana. Join us.

17 Aug

Praying Romans 12:2 in Africa and in our lives as well

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Romans 12:2 says: “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

And that’s the heart of a listener we visit today in Guinea Bissau, Africa. She says:

“I am saved because I heard the Word of God in my language of Portuguese. I was confused and without a family and heard a Word of hope. Now I hear it every day in order to grow. I was confused because of religious talk … every church says something different. But your program talks about God, not about religion. I am so grateful. I pray every day that my mind and my heart would be renewed through God’s Word. I want to be found as acceptable to Him and only Him.”

What a great prayer! Today, echo that prayer and ask that all listeners in Guinea Bissau would be renewed by God’s Word—and each one of us as well.

Mali is our destination tomorrow. Join us as we pray with a local World Prayer Team member there.

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