25 Apr

A suicidal listener in Quebec reaches out…

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“I keep thinking of ways to end this life.”

That’s the desperate text we recently received from a listener of our French broadcasts in Quebec, Canada.

“I feel so lonely. Why does Jesus not answer my request? Why does He ignore me? When I wake up in the night, I listen to your broadcasts and I wait to hear from God. Please pray for me that I will get through another night and that God will answer my cries.”

Today let’s pray with confidence that God will reach this listener and so many others who are desperate for His peace and love. Let’s also pray for Thru the Bible’s partner teams around the world who are in contact with listeners like this one. May God give them wisdom and discernment as they minister to people in these moments of great pain and despair.

Tomorrow we head south to New Jersey; meet us there!

24 Apr

Are you struggling today? Be encouraged by a sister in California

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“I delight in your teachings.”

That’s what we hear from Eloisa, a listener of Thru the Bible’s Spanish broadcast in San Bernardino, California. She continues:

“Each message is food for my soul. You are a powerful, great, and invaluable blessing. I am 67 years old, and the best years of life are since the Lord brought me to His ways thirty years ago. Of course, there have been many struggles and trials along the way, but the glory belongs to the Lord for seeing me through each one of them. He will see you through as well. May our great God bless each of you as you follow Him and share His immeasurable love with the world.”

What an encouraging letter! May we too give God the glory for bringing us through our struggles and trials. And may God’s love change the hearts of all those who hear His Word broadcast in Spanish and the more than 100 other languages and dialects that Thru the Bible can be heard in around the world.

Tomorrow we travel north. Join us as we pray our way across Canada.

21 Apr

A message from a World Prayer Team member in China

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“God loves you so much!” That’s the encouragement we receive today from a fellow World Prayer Team member in China.

She continues:

“Don’t doubt God’s love or that He is working through you. Each word you say is constructive and logical. It glorifies God! Your programs are made better and better. I’m sure God will bless you all! From time to time I pray for your health, ability, financial conditions, and service for God. I bring all these needs to God and He blesses you all. Never forget God loves you all so much. He gave you His work. This is a blessed mission! He will answer our prayers. Trust in Him to be faithful.”

What a wonderful letter. Today let’s remember these words and praise God for His faithfulness and for His great love. Together let’s pray for His Word to be heard around the world, to everyone God loves and offers His great gift of eternal life.

It’s a privilege to pray with you. Join us next week as we travel to the U.S. and Canada.

20 Apr

Good news from a listener in Japan

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“I can hear you!” That’s what one listener in Japan recently emailed to say.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. If you’ve been with us on this journey for very long, you know Japan is one area that we’ve been asking God to bless and expand our reach. So praise God His Word is getting through! Here is the rest of the letter:

“I found you quite by accident, but I am pleased! There are many difficulties here and so many people feel anxious. Please pray for all my neighbors here on Kyushu [an Island of Japan] to hear your broadcasts. They need the peace of Jesus to fill their lives.”

Yes, let’s join Him in praying for his neighbors on Kyushu and all over Japan. May they hear God’s Word and find the hope and peace He offers through His Son, Jesus.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to China. Invite a friend to join us on our knees here at TTB.org/pray.

19 Apr

God is answering our prayers in Taiwan

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God is answering our prayers! That’s the good news we hear today as we travel on our knees through Taiwan.

Only 6% of the population of this island nation knows Jesus as Savior; most people follow an interesting blend of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. But praise God, His Word is making inroads. Here is what one listener recently told us:

“Peace be with you! I’ve been listening to you for about four years and my life has been changed. Please continue to broadcast these words from the Bible. I hear them nowhere else and have come to depend on them. My family thinks I’m crazy to believe in Jesus, but I tell them to listen to you for a while and they too will understand.”

Another listener recently texted to say this:

“Thanks for your hard work and persistence in evangelism. In the past three weeks or so I have been listening on your website. I found your explanations truthful and very useful. The reason and care with which you present the Bible has made me put aside my doubts.”

What great news! Pray for more seeking hearts to be open to the Good News in Taiwan.

Our prayer journey continues tomorrow in Japan … join us as we travel on our knees.

18 Apr

“We tried everything … but nothing made us happy or healthy.”

E-Mail Forward

“When my husband was sick we tried everything to save him. We went to the Buddhist monastery, the shaman, and everywhere else. Nothing helped us or made us happier or healthy.”

That’s what one listener of Thru the Bible in Mongolia recently wrote. She continued:

“And then he passed away. I felt so lonely and began keeping the radio on all night to keep me company. That’s when I heard your programs. At first I just listened because I wanted to hear someone talk. Since I was Buddhist, I thought what the man was saying was nonsense. But his voice was so soothing and the words were so attractive I could not turn it off. After a while I heard the speaker say that parents needed to be role models for their family and that thought overwhelmed me. So, as I listened I decided to take help from Jesus for me and my children. When I accepted Him as my Savior, I was alone … it was just me and my radio. But my heart was full and I did not feel alone. Shortly after, I started to go to church and have found a new family there. I am more joyful, peaceful, and powerful in Him.”

No matter what we have going on today, let’s pray we too are more joyful, peaceful, and powerful with God in our lives. Intercede for the people of Mongolia today as they hear God’s Word. Pray with joy and expectation that more decide to live in Him and for Him today.

Tomorrow we travel to the modern and prosperous island of Taiwan. Join us on World Prayer Today.

17 Apr

“At first it seemed too good to be true…”

E-Mail Forward

“True comfort can only be found in the Lord. I want everyone to know that.”

That’s the encouragement we hear today from a listener in South Korea. She continues.

“Indeed I am grateful today for the salvation the Lord has offered to me. At first it seemed too good to be true. But the world is a difficult and terrible place, and Jesus is the only place I can find rest. Your programs are very comforting to my weary soul and body. I pray others will find these programs and turn their lives to Jesus so they too can know peace … the real and eternal peace that the Lord wants us to have through His Son.”

What a great prayer. Today let’s join her and pray that more weary people in South Korea and around the world will find the peace and rest that God offers us through His Son, Jesus.

Our journey through Northeast Asia continues tomorrow. Join us as we pray our way through Mongolia.

14 Apr

Celebrate Good Friday with us!

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Happy Good Friday! Today our travels bring us to war-torn Serbia where a listener named Milorad tells us about God’s grace in His life.

“I’m 48 years old and a former heroin addict. My family disowned me. I had a lot of emotional crises. Then I realized that only God could liberate me. I heard your words and gave my life to Christ. I am now free and have not used any drugs for ten years. I still listen to your programs and find that I understand the Bible better and realize what God wants of me. Thank you very much, and God bless you and your whole team.”

As Resurrection Sunday quickly approaches, let’s pray more people will hear the Good News and realize the freedom that God offers them through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

And join us on Monday as our world prayer journey continues in South Korea.

13 Apr

“As I listened, I began to realize how much I needed Jesus.”

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Our weeklong celebration of God’s goodness continues today as we meet with a listener of our Ukrainian broadcast. Here is her story:

“A longtime sin had a hold on me. I wanted to know about God, but I couldn’t leave my old life behind. I felt trapped and some days I wanted to die. Then recently I found your programs. As I listened, I began to realize how much I needed Jesus. As I began to turn my life over to Him, I was amazed at how quickly things changed. God freed me of my sins and He replaced them with joy and peace. I am so grateful. I never realized how simple the answer would be and how easily God would forgive me. Each day I am now overwhelmed by the grace of our Lord. I thank God for you and for the Word of God that has changed my life forever.”

Isn’t that amazing? Let’s join her in thanking God for His saving grace in each of our lives. Let’s also ask Him to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus in the Ukraine and around the world.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate Good Friday and continue our worldwide prayer journey in Serbia.

12 Apr

A Hindu finds Christ

E-Mail Forward

“I was born into a Hindu family, but through an arranged marriage I was forced to follow the Christian traditions of my husband’s family.”

Yes, you read that right: “… forced to follow the Christian traditions ….” But read more of what Anjana from India wrote after she heard God’s Word. She continues:

“Deep down in my heart I knew I was not a believer. I only pretended for the sake of my Christian in-laws, until one day I was introduced to God’s Word through your program. A local pastor shared it with me because he thought it would help. At first I was skeptical, and listened reluctantly. But as I took the words to heart, my life changed. I soon accepted our Savior Jesus Christ as my own, and began to sincerely want to know more about Him. At first, I didn’t tell my husband or his family that I was listening, but it became evident that my faith was growing. Now I attend church with them every Sunday and find such joy in worshipping the Lord. I have His peace and joy in my heart and also in my family.”

Are you waiting on a family member or friend to come to Jesus by faith? Find hope in this story and trust that God is working in their hearts today.

We’ve got more good news to share tomorrow. Join us here on World Prayer Today.

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