26 Oct

Saved from a rebel invasion

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A mother of three in the Philippines saves her children from rebel gunfire—all the while trusting in her Shepherd.

Read her amazing story:

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Some people say that this is a very common verse in the Bible. But for me, this became my inspiration to fully trust the living and true God without doubt and hesitation.

“I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Lord after listening to the Bible teaching on Thru the Bible. A woman in my village invited me to listen and I heard and believed in Jesus. I became addicted to listening to this program because it not only inspires me but also helps me whenever problems come.

“And problems did come. On August 11, rebels invaded our house to hide from the military that were searching for them. As a mother to my three children, I was so scared and tried to think of a way to keep my children out of danger. Then I recalled the verse Psalms 23:1 that I heard explained on your program. At that frightening time, God reminded me through His Word to fully trust Him. Several hours passed, militaries came, and there was gunfire. I shielded my children but was shot by a bullet in my shoulder. I am fine, my children are fine, and God spared our lives. He is our shepherd.

“May God continue to pour out His blessing to those who continue good works by letting the whole world know that God exists, is true, and is the perfect protector to those who trust in His perfect ways. May God bless us all.”

Wow—what a strong testimony of God’s trustworthiness. Pray for those in dangerous situations to call out to God.

Tomorrow we hear a story of hope and healing from Australia. Join us here for a blessed time of prayer.

25 Oct

Where is the gospel beating Communism?

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In what country is the gospel breaking the grip of Communism? It’s Vietnam! Vietnam is one of the last remaining Communist countries. But despite government opposition, many Vietnamese love Jesus and hunger for Bible teaching.

A listener named Vim wrote,

“Thank God because He gave me a chance to listen to His Word through your program. I have been attracted by the Bible teaching method. Each verse is explained clearly and in detail. It helped me find out that God’s Word is sweet. My soul is filled with joy.”

As you’d expect, Christian radio is forbidden in Vietnam, but we’ve found another way in. People listen to Thru the Bible on speaker boxes. This great and easy technology allows listeners to hear up to 30 hours of radio programming from a single digital chip.

Keep praying for new technologies like this to break down Communist barriers all over the world. Intercede right now for believers gathering in dangerous places to hear the life-changing Word of God.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the beautiful people of the Philippines.

24 Oct

“I’m growing up!”

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“Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Po and I am also a brother living in Thailand. My brother serves God, the only God, as a pastor in Vietnam.”

“He asked me to relay this to you: ‘I have served God in Vinh Long province for about 15 years. During this whole time I have listened to your program. Your program is helpful for everyone who craves pure spiritual milk. By listening to it, our spiritual lives have grown up. And then we go out to share the gospel to unbelievers in our villages. By doing this many unbelievers knew who Jesus is, and then they accepted him as their Savior. Indeed our labor in the Lord is not in vain. On behalf of listeners in my church, we thank God deeply.’”

What a great encouragement to keep praying for people in Southeast Asia to hear and respond to the Word of God taught on Thru the Bible.

Tomorrow, we’ll be on our knees for a very special group of people in Vietnam. See you then!

21 Oct

“God is silent, what shall I do?”

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Welcome to Croatia. Today on our World Prayer journey, we are introduced to a listener at a crossroads.

He writes:

“I found your website as soon as I got my computer in 2010, and I have been following you since then. I have been trying to understand the troubles I am in. My faith has never undergone such temptation as it is now. After so many decades of walking with God, with sorrow I say: ‘I don’t understand anything anymore ….’ I am praying to God, and He is silent. What am I doing wrong? Does it have to be like this? How can I testify to anyone when I am ashamed of the situation we are in? Me without money, my sons divorced, my grandchildren in broken homes. I listen to every broadcast and take notes, and I cling to the Word of God. I love God above all, and I want to get to know Him as much as I can before I go to Him. Your radio is a help in that. Please pray for me and my family. I don’t understand our circumstances, but I will choose to trust Him. May God bless you as you share His Word with the world.”

What an honest letter. Let’s pray that God’s Word brings encouragement to all those who hear it today. Ask God to protect those who want to follow Him but find it difficult. May His Word alone sustain and guide us as we submit our dreams and hopes to Him.

Next week our world prayer journey takes us to Southeast Asia. Let’s cover it in prayer together.

20 Oct

“I await the results of my medical tests for cancer, but I choose joy.”

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“I await the results of my medical tests for cancer, but I choose joy.” That’s the amazing encouragement we hear from a listener in Poland.

He continues:

“I have called you in the past and I thank you for praying for me and my health. My greatest prayer is that God puts an end to bad things in me, so that I can become more like Jesus. Please, continue to pray because I am waiting for blood test results, including cancer markers. It is great to have such wonderful brothers and sisters who are there for me, who are praying for me and my health. May our Lord Jesus bless you and guard you against the evil in this world and grant you love and perseverance, so that you may continue to serve Him and many other people like me. As for me, regardless of the result, I will continue to follow the Lord and be grateful for His direction in my life.”

What a great letter! Today, pray for those who are suffering from cancer and physical illness in Poland and all over the world. Ask God to heal and strengthen them as they focus on His Word and the comfort found in knowing Jesus Christ

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team travels to Croatia. We hope you’ll hop aboard and join us.

19 Oct

An atheist in Serbia finds Jesus

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“Nothing made sense so I became an atheist.” That’s what we recently heard from one listener in Serbia. What changed her mind?

Listen as she tells her miraculous story:

“I am a private person, so I won’t give details, but my life has been hard. I looked for meaning but when I found none I decided that there was no meaning. That’s when I heard your programs at a friend’s house. I did not want to be rude, so I did not leave although at first I thought what you said was pure rubbish. But as you progressed, something in my heart told me to keep listening. As I left that I night I promised my friend I would listen more regularly. Although I am just at the beginning of my journey, I have begun to read the Bible and pray. Thank you for your kindness in explaining what the Bible says. I await your explanations and want to know more.”

Today praise God for His work in the life of this listener and countless others around the world. Pray that more hearts and minds will be open to God’s Word in Serbia.

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team is off to Poland. Join as we pray alongside a listener who chooses joy while he waits for the results of medical tests.

18 Oct

“Thank you for making God’s Word real and living…”

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Welcome to Romania, World Prayer Team. As our journey through central Europe continues this week, we are realizing the power of God’s Word to change lives.

Listen to the story we recently heard from Alexandru.

“My family and I listen to you and rejoice in God’s Word. Your program is special because through your teachings we have discovered the truth of the Bible. Your broadcasts have been the main tool that God has used to draw us to Him. We are thankful for the possibility to hear the Bible explained so clearly on the radio. We pray that the Holy Spirit will use this ministry to search the hearts of many. We pray for all of you who make this ministry possible. In our village there are also others that listen to the program. We talk sometimes about what we have heard. Thank you for making God’s Word real and living in our lives.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Today let’s join Alexandru in praising God for the broadcasting of His Word both near and far! And pray that wherever God’s truth is heard more people will be drawn to His goodness and grace.

Hop aboard as tomorrow we visit Serbia. Invite your friends to join us by visiting TTB.org/pray.

17 Oct

God’s Word exposes lies in Lithuania

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As the first republic to declare its independence from the USSR in 1990, Lithuania is a proud and independent nation.

Political freedom from the Soviets also brought Lithuanians religious freedom, but since then cult and theological falsehoods have abounded. But praise God His Word clears up misconceptions and exposes the lies. As one listener named Jolita tells us:

“I am grateful for your wonderful teachings from the Word of God. They touch my heart and revive my soul. Truth is hard to find, and it is so good that we can hear it every day on the radio, and that we can listen on your website too. I once was so confused about what was right, but you have shown me that I can know truth for myself by reading the Bible. Through your teachings I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and I now live for Him. I promise to tell others about your programs so they will know the truth and won’t be confused by the many who try to deceive.”

Praise God for the truth of His Word! Pray that more people in Lithuania hear His Word and turn away from false theologies and teachings.

It’s a joy to pray alongside you. Join us tomorrow as we travel on our knees to Romania.

14 Oct

“A beautiful interest has been born in me for God’s wonders”

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“A beautiful interest has been born in me for God’s wonders . . .” Beautiful words from a lovely listener named Carla.

“About ten years ago my family started to listen to Thru the Bible on Radio Esperanza in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

“I remember that at that time the Bible studies were aired at 5:30 in the morning. My family would get up early to hear the Word of God before going to school. This series of studies has been a great blessing to my life for these many years, because through them I have learned many things—things I used to ignore. But now a beautiful interest in knowing more and more about the wonders that God has given us in His Word has been born in me. Every time that I remember you in prayer, I pray that God will continue to bless you abundantly so that this ministry continues to help even more believers to be strengthened in the faith. I now live in El Paso, Texas, but listen online to Thru the Bible in Spanish.”

Growing in faith is a beautiful thing. Pray for Spanish-speaking listeners in Mexico and the United States to hear and respond to the beautiful message of grace in God’s Word.

Our prayer journey next week takes us through central Europe—to people who are desperate to hear some good news. Let’s pray the way for them to hear.

13 Oct

Shouldn’t you write, too?

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“My name is Nevin and I live in the Naples, Florida, area. I am a part of your World Prayer Team and pray with you as I am directed.”

“I sooo love hearing how Thru the Bible is taking the whole Word to the whole world. I thought today, if I enjoy hearing letters so much shouldn’t I also write a letter? Dr. McGee’s teaching has been my mainstay in a world gone crazy. Each month as I can, I send something to help with the Bible Bus. God bless this ministry as it remains faithful to get out the Word of God until Jesus comes. I’m praying on my knees with you through every country.”

You are a valuable part of our ministry together, Nevin, and we’re glad to have you on the team. Keep praying.

Nevin offers us a great example—shouldn’t you write, too? Share what this global prayer journey means to you. It’s great to hear from the team. Email BIBLEBUS@TTB.org and write in the subject line, “From the Prayer Team.”

Tomorrow our prayer team will travel on our knees to Mexico and the United States. Let’s be faithful to continue in prayer.

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