24 Jan

Praying for vibrant faith in Japan

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Today we gather in Japan to thank God for His faithfulness and continue to pray for new opportunities to broadcast His Word.

As many of you know, faithful friends of Thru the Bible have prayed for open doors, and slowly we’ve been able to broadcast on the Internet and more recently on a few FM stations.

While most Japanese have blended Buddhism and Shintoism together to dictate the ritualistic practices of their lives, we pray that God will expand the opportunity to broadcast His Word so many more will come to an authentic and Bible-based faith in Him.

Tomorrow we travel on our knees to the nomadic country of Mongolia; hop aboard and join us.

23 Jan

God is answering our prayers in China

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Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today we travel to China where God is answering our prayers and reaching people with His Word on Thru the Bible!

Let’s rejoice in this letter recently sent by a young woman:

“My favorite thing to do is to sit and listen to your program. With each lesson I feel so touched and encouraged. I recently accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior as I listened to you. Since then I have been internally changing a lot. For example, I respect my parents more and argue less. In addition, I do more good deeds and turn away from bad deeds while following God’s words. You have helped me follow God’s will better and I am grateful.”

Isn’t that wonderful? Today let’s pray God’s Word reaches more young people in China and around the world. Ask God to replace the spiritual opposition of the current generation with a new generation of those who have deep and real faith in Jesus.

Our prayers are being answered … keep up the good work! Let’s meet tomorrow and pray for Japan.

20 Jan

Perspective on suffering for Issa

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In many areas of the Middle East, to identify with the name of Jesus (Issa) comes at a great risk—a risk to your life, to your lifestyle, and to your career and family. But this risk and the suffering that often follows is doing a work in the body of Christ.

Join with this brother from Algeria in rejoicing through suffering:

“It is amazing to know how the apostle Paul rejoiced in his suffering for the church! ‘Now I rejoice in my sufferings for you and complete in my body, what remains of afflictions of Christ on behalf of His body; the church’ (Colossians 1:24). Thank you for today’s Word and for reminding me that as I suffer for the name of Issa, I should know that He began these sufferings and they are for a purpose. I have sacrificed myself by doing the Lord’s work in all areas of our church in my country, and I have known great grace and peace in His Word. Thank you. Please pray for us.”

Intercede for our brothers and sisters who courageously live for Jesus despite the suffering they may endure. Thank God for providing what they need in their most difficult hours. Continue to remember these people you’ve prayed for this week as God brings them to mind through the weekend.

Then join us next week as we pray our way through Northeast Asia.

19 Jan

Till everyone hears …

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It is likely that today as you go around your community you’ll meet someone whose first language is Arabic.

Praise God that they have come to a place where they can more readily hear the gospel. Pray today that many will be presented with the opportunity, either through a friendly neighbor or through media.

Mina, of Arab descent, lives in Minnesota. She writes:

“I thank the Lord for your program and have been learning many new things about how wonderful God’s love is for every person. I did not know this. I pray that your ministry would keep spreading and telling all nations about Jesus’ work for us and that your episodes would lead many to their salvation through Christ! Your efforts are making a difference in my life and I believe in many other lives as well! Many blessings. God deserves all glory!”

If your first language is Arabic, or if you know someone who speaks Arabic, invite them to listen to Thru the Bible in their heart language on the TTB global app.

Join with the prayer team tomorrow as we travel to Algeria … on our knees.

18 Jan

Want to be part of something big?

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If you’ve asked God to let you be a part of something that He is doing, then thank Him today for the opportunity to pray for His Word at work in the Middle East.

Celebrate impact like this word from Jaffar:

“I would like to take this chance to express how your TTB program affects many lives in my country, as I am a person who met Jesus through your program a long time ago. I cannot imagine my life without TTB anymore! I consider it my daily friend with whom I sit and from whom I learn the Word of God! May your program continue on the air in my region and may it bring salvation to many hearts.”

As God’s will is done in heaven today, pray also that it is done in Kuwait, especially in the lives of those who love and seek Him there.

Tomorrow we continue to see God at work in Arabic-speaking communities around the world. Come praying, expectant of His joy and power.

17 Jan

“Who will help me know Issa?”

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“Who will help me know Issa?”

That’s what Murad, a young man in Iraq asked, but no one could help him. But then God led him to Thru the Bible. Here’s what happened:

“Dear Friends, your radio broadcast is one of a kind. From where I live, Christianity is vague and we do not have literature or books about it. Since my childhood I liked Issa Christ, but because no one could help me with knowing Him better, I tried to seek Him through different means. Many Christian TV channels and radio, all they do is criticize the non-Christian religions. I found only your program not doing that. Apparently you go with the teachings of Issa, to love and to forgive one another. I’ve always wanted to have the Holy Bible but I couldn’t find it in my country because it is forbidden, but you directed me to download it as a phone app. Now I can read it all the time, but I couldn’t have loved the Bible if not for TTB radio program! It really is helping me understand Christ and Christianity. TTB is like a door to light for me, with all the teachings and explanations. I feel happy and not wanting each episode to end because it is like treasure for me! Many of those who are around me are listeners too, but they are hesitant to write because of the security issue. Thank you so much and keep it up.”

Yes, keep it up! Keep praying for people in Iraq to hear and respond in faith to the good news of Issa!

Tomorrow we’ll find out what God is doing in Kuwait.

16 Jan

Prayer request from a refugee

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Do we have brothers and sisters among the Syrian refugees? Today we’ll hear the heart of one displaced from his family and country. Surprisingly, his voice is full of hope in the Lord.

Pray for this one whose name is known by God:

“Do you remember the verse that says: ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ Recently I forgot that prayer is the key for solving our dilemmas; I depend on it now since all doors are closed to escape the persecution we live every day. Thanks for your prayers, and thanks for sharing with us the truth from the Word of God. Yes, truth frees us from fear and worry. Please don’t ignore in your prayers those of us without a family or country. Please ask that God will bring His will in our beloved country, in our present land of Lebanon, and in our lives.

“I am determined to continue to listen to TTB-Arabic, especially for the studies from the gospel of John. I want to continue to be blessed by this powerful material.

“Please pray for us so God will fill His peace as the war is rising. God’s promise is true; didn’t He say: ‘In this world you will have troubles, but take heart! I have overcome the world.’ We are waiting for Him to fulfill His promises for He is honest and just. May His grace and peace fill your heart.”

Pray with confidence that the Lord sees and knows His own.

Come intercede for other Arabic-speaking brothers and sisters tomorrow as we discover what God is doing in the ancient land of Iraq.

13 Jan

“Many in church are unbelievers; I was one of them.”

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“Thank you for your program that teaches us the Word of God. There are many in church that are unbelievers; I was one of them. You have opened my eyes and heart to Jesus and I praise Him that He has delivered me from my sin.”

That’s what we hear today from one listener as we travel across the world’s largest country, Russia. Another Russian listener tells us:

“How nice after a full day to come to hear your broadcasts that gently touch our souls by the words of the Good Shepherd. We pray for your ministry, it so needed at this time. Because you are sowing the seeds of the Word of God over the radio, many see their mistakes and the Lord lovingly corrects. May the Lord bless you and give you strength for everything.”

Praise God His Word continues to be heard in Russia even under increasingly difficult political circumstances. Continue to pray that God will open up more avenues to share His Word with those who hunger and thirst for the truth.

We journey next week to the Middle East and North Africa. We hope you’ll join us and invite a friend!

12 Jan

Praying Uzbeks replace traditional fodder with the Bread of Life

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Along the Silk Road traveled by famed merchants such as Marco Polo and its pioneer Zhang Qian, we stop today in the country of Uzbekistan.

Here in this beautiful land, life can be hard. Trafficking of human life and illicit drugs are all too common, and freedoms of information and religion are tightly controlled by the government. All churches must be registered with the state, but despite persecution and harassment, God’s people continue to grow in number.

Today as many Uzbeks prepare their traditional bread called tandir non, let’s pray that Thru the Bible broadcasts introduce them to Jesus, the Bread of Life. In Him may they find the nourishment, peace, and hope they are looking for.

Our journey of prayer continues tomorrow in the largest country of the world, Russia.

11 Jan

Bringing hope and life to Turkmenistan

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Today’s stop on our world prayer tour brings us to the dry, desolate country of Turkmenistan. It’s here in the middle of the desert that God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible is providing an oasis of hope and life in the languages of Uzbek and Central-Asian Russian.

Although the Turkmen constitution claims religious freedom, the reality is quite different. With Sunni Islam (89%) and Russian Orthodoxy (9%) considered the only two legal religions, persecution of other faiths is prevalent.

So today, please intercede for the physical strength, spiritual discernment, and protection of Thru the Bible’s Uzbek producer. While his name is withheld for safety reasons, let’s pray that his ministry reveals the glory and great love of our mighty 11God.

Thank you for your prayer partnership! Join us tomorrow as we travel to Uzbekistan.

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