29 Jul

Where is Samoa?

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In the vast Pacific Ocean, thousands of miles southwest of Hawaii, is an island group called Samoa. Even in this remote location, the radio broadcast of God’s Word is changing lives.

One listener in Samoa wrote,

“We are neighbors with a Christian family, and we hear them regularly listen to a program on the radio. Once, I got to overhear their program that said ‘Jesus wants to take your heavy burdens because He loves you and cares for you.’

“I was rather intrigued, and I inquired about this Jesus to them. The family was very welcoming and listened to our problems. They gave us another radio so we could listen to the program in our own home.

“The next day, I heard the speaker box say that God created man in His own image, for His glory. Then the teacher added, ‘My dear friends, would you accept such a God as your heavenly father who not only cares for your physical needs but for your spiritual needs also?’

“I burst out in tears after listening to these words and made the decision to accept Christ as my Savior and lay all my burdens on Him. With the help of our loving neighbors, I began my walk in the faith. With time, we have seen how God has released us from all our difficulties and troubles in our home, and has taught us to move ahead and onward.”

What a great example of how our lives affect those around us. Praise God that His Word is bringing life and peace to Samoa. This weekend, continue to remember those who are burdened and without hope in every country of the world.

Next week let’s pray across the U.S. and Canada. See you then.

28 Jul

A father prays for his family in Vietnam

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What do you do when your family walks away from God? You pray—like this father in Vietnam:

“For many years now, my family has been blessed and encouraged by your program and our study of God’s holy Bible. We have three children: two boys and an oldest girl. My wife and boys all believed in God for more than ten years. But recently, our extended family put up many obstacles. My wife and two boys did not overcome them, and they have withdrawn from faith. However, I continue to listen out loud to the studies and their souls have been moved a bit. They have not yet come back to God, but I am praying. I pray God will use me as a tool for His works. Will you pray that for me and my family, too?”

Yes, intercede for this faithful husband and dad to lead his family in the ways of the Lord. That’s a good request to remember as we visit every country on our worldwide prayer tour.

Tomorrow we travel to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to an island group whose motto is “Founded on God.” Meet you there.

27 Jul

“I want that,” says a new sister in Indonesia

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Thru the Bible in Madurese blesses me,” writes one of your sisters in Christ in Indonesia.

“I am learning the words of God and how to be a Christian who is not proud and arrogant. God’s Word today talks about how to be salt and light for the world. I want to do that! Previously I tried to listen to Thru the Bible in Indonesian, but my understanding of that language is limited. Now that I found the Madurese program I can understand much better how to live in line with the intention of God. Here is what I am learning:

  • From the words of God I am learning to love my enemy and not repay anyone evil for evil.
  • Today I learned a lesson on how “mantra” is the way of the devil to encourage people not to believe and worship God. [Mantra is a Buddhist or Hindi practice of repeating a word or a sound in meditation.]
  • I have also learned that Jesus came to the world so people could have abundant life. I want that, too!”

Her excitement is contagious, isn’t it?! Pray for new believers like this sister to have courage as they hear truth that runs contrary to cultural practices. A new life in Jesus means putting aside old rituals. Pray for new faith to be well-grounded!

Tomorrow we’re praying in Vietnam, where we’ll meet a father whose family has walked away from the Lord. See you then.

26 Jul

Never underestimate a mother who prays

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In the western Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia and New Guinea, is the independent country of Micronesia, made up of 607 islands.

It’s quite a miracle that we have received letters from this distant and exotic location, but we praise God for a letter from Anil who lives on Chuuk atoll in Micronesia’s largest city, Weno.

This young woman writes:

“When I was young, my mother accepted Christ as her Lord and Master and was the only believer in our family. During my youth, I established many bad habits and, as a result, I was ruining my life. In my memory I see my mother on her knees, praying for me. One day, after reading a booklet about Jesus that a friend handed me, I contacted the address on it and through their advice and encouragement, surrendered to Jesus and started a life anew in Christ. I joined a church where I enjoy a wonderful fellowship with God’s children and have also started reading the Bible every day.

“Recently, I also came to know about Thru the Bible’s program that is available on the Internet and I have been regularly listening to the program. I am able to understand so much from the Word of God and, today, both my mother and I listen to the program together before we have our dinner. It has helped us come closer to God and we have also started encouraging others to listen with us.

“Please pray for my entire family that they too might come to the Lord and be saved. Kindly also pray for my mother and I, that we may continue to serve the Lord and live according to His will.”

Isn’t that amazing? Keep praying and be glad to be a part of taking God’s whole Word to the whole world.

Tomorrow we’ll pray through another set of islands in Indonesia.

25 Jul

From Vietnam, “My soul brims over with hopes in God”

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Are you praying that the whole Word would go out to the whole world? Great! Then you’ll be encouraged by this word from a local pastor in Vietnam:

“Through the bookmark, I heard of your program when I was a student of Vietnamese Theological Institute in Ho Chi Minh. I learned many things from the Bible lessons and from your website on Vietnamese TWR. It helped me in my training. Now I serve God in the countryside, so I can no longer access your website. But I have a radio and use it to follow God’s Word from the Old Testament to the New Testament and back again. I tell the people in my church how to listen and it has become an indispensable need for those who are hungry to study God’s Word for themselves. Praise God! Thank you and God bless you all.”

We’ll pray in Southeast Asia again tomorrow—join us on your knees in Micronesia.

22 Jul

Praising God for a new sister in Taiwan

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Thanks for joining us on our World Prayer journey. Today we land on the island nation of The Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.

While the majority of the Taiwanese families follow a unique blend of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and folk religion, God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible is changing lives. Rejoice with this young sister who recently texted us to say:

“I’m excited to announce that I have come to know God the Father through the help of your program. I had never heard of Jesus, but was surprised to hear that at the age of 34, He presented Himself with all righteousness and was nailed to the cross to redeem us, sinners. What a gift. I would be foolish to refuse it. Please pray that I might serve Him with my life.”

Isn’t that great? Today let’s pray that more people will hear God’s Word in Taiwan and be freed from the ritualistic religion of their ancestors.

Hop aboard next week as the World Prayer Team travels on our knees to Southeast Asia.

21 Jul

The country where saying “Jesus” is punishable by death

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Western and despicable. That’s what North Koreans are told about Christianity. But did you know that this land was once affectionately called the “Jerusalem of the East?”

But during the Korean War most Christians fled south, were murdered, or had their churches burned to silence them. Today, saying the name of “God” or “Jesus” in North Korea can be punishable by death, and reliable sources say that more than 100,000 Christians are interned in labor camps.

As we pray our way through this dark and mysterious country, ask God to lift the veil of secrecy and expose the persecution and human rights violations that have been covered up so long. Let’s ask that His Word broadcasting out of South Korea will reach into the hearts of their oppressed neighbors to the North. As Jesus says in Matthew 19:26, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.”

Our World Prayer Journey continues tomorrow in Taiwan. We’ll see you there.

20 Jul

“My car becomes my church”

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“My car becomes my church!” That’s what a listener named Erdenebat in Mongolia told us recently.

He continues:

“I am a deliveryman and I spend my days in my car. A few months I started to listen to your programs. I am very encouraged by God’s Word and your explanations. When Thru the Bible airs my car becomes my church. Now I’ve started giving a Christian brochure and little book to everyone I visit. I tell them to listen to your programs. I am very glad to serve God together with you.”

And another listener recently contacted us to say:

“Every Saturday morning, about 11 of us gather to listen to your program and talk about what we’ve learned. Many started coming because they were confused and discouraged, but now they look forward to talking about God’s Word and meeting together. Your broadcasts encourage us through the week until we can be together and fellowship. We are often so excited to share what we are learning, that we all talk at once! Thank you for the wonderful work.”

Isn’t that great? In Mongolia only 1.73% of the people claim Jesus as their Lord. Let’s continue to pray for evangelists like Erdenebat and for listening groups that are beginning to grow. Ask God to multiply the number of people who hear His Word on Thru the Bible and respond in faith.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to North Korea.

19 Jul

Pray for more broadcasting opportunities in Japan

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Welcome back to Japan, prayer team! We’re glad to have you join us as we continue to pray for Thru the Bible’s broadcasts that are heard on a small number of FM stations and the Internet.

Most Japanese have blended Buddhism and Shintoism together to dictate the ritualistic practices of their lives. Interestingly though, over 80% claim no personal religion. So perhaps it’s not surprising that finding stations to air Christian broadcasts has often been difficult and unstable.

So today, we ask you to continue to pray that God will expand the opportunities for us to share His Word and multiply the numbers of those who call upon His name.

Invite a friend and join us tomorrow as we visit the nomadic country of Mongolia.

18 Jul

The more people, the better

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“The more people the better!” That’s what one listener of our Mandarin broadcasts in China says about the people that have begun to show up at her door to hear the gospel.

Listen to her inspiring story.

“A lady in my neighborhood would visit houses to sell her beauty products. She became quite discouraged that no one would answer the door. One day when she arrived at my home I invited her in. I told her I would be happy to listen to her talk about her products if she would let me tell her about Jesus. We spent an hour together and she gave her life to the Lord! A few days passed and she brought her brother to meet me and he too believed in the Lord. Now people come and go and I am happy to tell them about the Lord. The more people the better, I say! And when they leave I always tell them to listen to your broadcasts to learn more about our loving Father and His Son who died for our sins.”

Praise God for faithful sisters like this one! As you pray today lift up her growing ministry and ask God to bless all those who boldly share Jesus in their communities. Let’s also ask Him to give us more opportunities for us to share His name in our neighborhoods as well.

We’ll be praying our way through Japan tomorrow. Hop aboard and join us!

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